Grandstanding & Showboating

I've always liked a good TD celebration, but we see a lot of superfluous celebration in my opinion. It seems every other play has a player showboating, grandstanding, strutting, dancing, prancing, posing & the like. Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit much? So here are the questions;
a/ Is football far & away the worst sport for this sort of thing?
b/ Why did it get this bad?
c/ Are you ok with it or not?
d/ Is Porky just barking at the moon(again)?


a)no, I would say NBA or soccer
b) trying to allow some fun back in the game
c) It can get over the top, but I simply stop paying attention.
d) as long as you don't bite the heads off of bats, you can bark at the moon all you want.


Oh I better watch my tongue because I had several of my replies in a similar post flagged and removed. Short answer no they are fine let them celebrate and be proud as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Long answer I think people forget this is entertainment and the players are paid to be entertaining at the end of the day.
To answer each question
a/ Nope
b/ It didn't
c/ Its fine
d/ Probably

Well since you started a thread I will more or less repeat what I said in the other thread where this was discussed.

I think there is far too much grandstanding/showboating in football for my taste. It looks amateurish. A cross between “look at me” and Sesame Street. Every TD and sack for sure seems to require some sort of bird dance, no matter the score. A TD should be followed by nothing more than a spike of the ball. Over the top celebrations should be reserved for a game winning play and certainly at the end of the Grey Cup game if you have won. Otherwise, as Stevie Wonder said, “you haven’t done nothin’”.

It is also worth repeating Vince Lombardi’s quote:

If you reach the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.

To answer your specific questions:

  1. Yes I think football is the worst although basketball is bad too. Hockey frowns upon it and excessive celebration can even lead to a Code Red retaliation.

  2. Don’t know how it got this bad but I believe the younger crowd likes it, maybe partially because it grabs their attention and takes them away from looking at their phone for 7-20 seconds, which is equivalent to me reading a novel.

  3. I can live with it because it doesn’t dominate the game and is short lived. A game like the one last night gave few opportunities for celebration. I can ignore it and if it excites others, so be it. Far worse for me is the incessant loud piped in noise and music and wrestling ringmaster type announcing at football games and hockey games. Hockey used to be the best with just some timely organ music once in a while. Now they play the same taped organ music every game before fading to Ozzy. Real authenticity.

  4. You are not just barking at the moon.

Not to pick on you but honestly I feel like this attitude is the exact reason that the CFL has some massive issues in attracting a younger crowd. No disrespect to Lombardi as he was....and I must emphasize was a great football mind in his time, but he`s been dead for over 50 years and the sport has changed. Back in his time players were a commodity to be used by the owners for profit, they were to be seen not heard.
But as for the other points lets break them down a little shall we?
You say that essentially unless its in the Grey Cup they should simply spike the ball and walk away? Lets think about how many hours upon hours these athletes have worked to get to this level. While some might move on the NFL, for many this will be the pinnacle of their career and are quite proud of what they've accomplished so why shouldn't they celebrate? Now should those celebrations have limits? Absolutely and there is some discussion about what constitutes acceptable vs. objectionable celebrations and probably always will be. Also what about those players that get injured early in their careers but make some amazing plays. Are they not worthy of celebrating simply because of bad luck?
You talk about the "younger crowd" looking up from their phones to which I ask you, if entertainment (and football is entertainment) isn't entertaining enough to distract you from a cell phone is it worth your time? If players being themselves and showing their personality (which some of these celebrations have shown can be quite weird and fun) makes the CFL more entertaining that is a good thing.
Your third point legitimately sounds like you are angry at the world for changing, because your memories of how things used to be are more important than the sport and entertainment value of that sport being used to attract new and possibly younger audiences.
Ironically you bring up hockey as being a sport that frowns on excessive celebrations. So then I assume you are all for hockey banning fighting of any kind as it is absolutely used to "ramp up the crowd" much in the same way that a big celebration after a touchdown or sack would be in football. And legitimately fighting would cause actual damager whereas an "excessive celebration" at worst would cause some a tension headache from all the eye rolling and throwing your nose in the air.
I'd be very curious to know how many of those people that are upset that there are so many excessive celebrations going on in the CFL are also irritated about One Republic playing at the BC home opener.
To the last point...we're all just barking at the moon but its way more fun to do while smiling then with a frown.

You don’t have to worry about picking on me, but I don’t think you know my attitude at all, judging by your post.

Lombardi may be long dead and gone, but he is not generally considered the best football coach ever for nothing. People quote Aristotle and Plato and Confucius too and they are all long gone. Wisdom is wisdom. I think Lombardi’s point was that it is far more intimidating to the other side to act as if scoring is your business and that you do it regularly and will be back for more. It would be to me if I was a defender, as opposed to acting like a chicken or pulling a cellphone out of your ass when you score and pretending it is New Year’s Eve in Times Square. For the players who do this after a TD in the second quarter to draw their team to within 14 points, it probably will be the pinnacle of their career, as you say. As a defender I would not be intimidated by this at all and, if anything, more resolute to knock your block off next time you venture my way. Psychology 101. Vince understood that well. There’s also taste.

I think we have all witnessed the frequency with which young people have their phones glued to their face to satisfy their 7 second attention span. This isn’t any kind of revelation or something I made up. They have been conditioned to do this their whole life. It is an obvious downside of technology. I don’t see the point of trying to do one thing (watch a live football game) but not having the focus and wherewithal to complete it. Perhaps ADD or something similar, but a mental weakness or in some cases illness nonetheless. Some may prefer the 7 second attention span world but I like to focus on what I am doing or watching as much as possible. Multi tasking has empirically been proven not to be optimal or in most cases possible, with both tasks suffering. I prefer to watch the football game and not be overpowered by white noise.

I am not angry at the world for not changing or remotely against change. In fact if you want to read my posts on potential rule changes I think you will learn that I am one of the more activist persons on this forum on potential rule changes, in favor of ditching what I consider to be the moronic rouge and ratio. I just want to enjoy a game in person by being able to focus on the product I paid to see and not be distracted by sideline fluff and fluffers. I like to think I have the intelligence and emotional control to not hear “All aboard, aye, aye” every second play and find it more enjoyable to turn to my seat mate and discuss the previous play, penalty, girl in aisle 5 or whatever. I can also handle a moment of silence.

I am completely against fighting in hockey and won’t repeat why, but over the last few weeks have posted my reasoning on the hockey threads. Suffice it to say that if football was like hockey, where no clean hit goes unpunished, there would be 12 fights every play.

Finally, I am a huge audiophile and can say with confidence, musically speaking, that One Republic is a terrible band. They are an artificially put together must try out for type of boy band, nothing more. But bands that play at CFL games are generally terrible and have been that way since the 1980’s. Nevertheless, I have no difficulty with any team bringing in any band as a marketing gambit to increase attendance if they believe that it will help, although I am not sure that many of the teenage girls that went to their first CFL game because One Direction was there will be in any rush to come back just to watch the action on the field. Most popular bands will be just as bad as One Direction. This doesn’t bother me in the least. No band will be performing during the play and when they are performing before the game or at halftime I will be out getting beer and then drinking it in the party zone at IG Field in any event.

I think there could be a few more taunting penalties called.


I haven't heard many pop bands that are very talented outside the studio for a long time......but if having them play at games puts butts in seats, that's good.

As for the OP's subject, Yes. It takes an entire offence/defence to make every play happen. Making out like you are amazing for catching a well thrown ball from a well protected QB - is just wrong.
Celebrate in the end zone but make it quick and simple - unless its game winning in the last minute, or a playoff or the Grey Cup, make it quick and get back to the bench and celebrate with the guys who really made the play happen.

....and a celebration when your team is down 20-30 points - is just lame. Really lame. What are you celebrating? That your team is losing? That this is your only chance to celebrate anything? Forget that and get to work buddy....

As for fights in football, things sure smartened up last night after those three players were tossed. No more pushing and shoving after the play after that. I doubt we will see much of that the rest of the weekend. Which is good.

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It seems we agree on all your points.

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.....especially fighting in hockey......

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  1. No. Basketball is far worse.

  2. I think it got this bad because some entitled kids have grown up expecting a medal for showing up with a pulse, so when they actually DO accomplish something, even if its routine, they feel the need to parade and beg for attention.

  3. I wouldn't use the word "bad". Its gotten to this level because it is tolerated. It is tolerated because can be entertaining and even funny.

  4. We all have our likes and peeves, and we're all entitled to that. Personally, I like a fun celebration. It shows the guys are enjoying entertaining us. And quite frankly, they work pretty hard on some of these antics.

Where I draw the line is when the celebration becomes rude, sexual (I would consider humping the end zone to be excessively rude and sexual, and would fine any such action if it were within my purview), imitates or threatens violence, or excessive to the point where the other team feels the need for retribution for being shown up.

Basically, I look at it this way.... If I had done it as a kid, would my mom have been proud or embarrassed. But different people will have different ideas of where that line should be.

Same as fighting in hockey... some hate it, some love it. I don’t mind a good fight if its players legitimately policing themselves. No one should be attacked for a clean hit, nor does it accomplish anything to have two designated goons square off as proxies, but I think a lot of the dirty stuff would disappear if the actual perpetrator got a few bloody noses as consequences for his actions.

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This has been on my mind for a very long time. By the end of a CFL season I feel exhausted by all of the mentioned swagger. It is repulsive and unnessary. Does a player ever watch the game afterwards and see how childish his antics were? This is not entertainment to say the least.
I believe Duke Williams of the former Esks and now Sask was the most childish player I have witnessed to date. Why would such a superb player as Williams resort to such infantile antics? Is it a look at me how great I am?? I was a season ticket holder for 27 yrs. Now as a armchair QB I am repelled with these antics of unprofessionalism. I know that some coaches such as Wally Buono used to endorse it. Please stop the circus.


Agreed 100% Squishy!!

Silly at best and yes football is the worst. I recall a game in Wpg a few years back when TiCats scored. Just outside the end zone a marina had a very expensive boat on display. After the TD 4 Ti Cats jumped into and on to the boat seats with cleats and showboated ! These are supposed to be responsible adults. Sometimes NHL teams go over the top with " hugs all around " for the scorer even though they are well behind in the score.
But I commented before that many US players migrate to the CFL claiming they have college degrees but can barely communicate. Maybe just maybe they could handle operation of a Lemonade stand.


It was actually 6 Cats that jumped on that boat . For me personally that is my all time favourite TD celebration of all time . A close second is Dave Stala and his hacky-sack TD celebration in Saskatchewan .Okay , call me bias BUT come on people , those were two Hall of Fame worthy celebrations .

First the boat .... :grinning: :smiley: :motor_boat: or should I say "Showboat"

Second the Hacky-Sack... :grinning: :smile: or should I say "Grandstanding"


At least the boat is pissing on the one Ticat.



For the life of me to this day can someone please explain why the bilge pump was on and working on this boat ?

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Yes, that was one of their points, it was a showboat too, so they went over to show it.

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And trying to destroy others property sits just fine with you ? Did you not have parents that cared for you and taught you right from wrong ? Guess not

Don't lose any more pearls and don't forget to scratch again too.

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