Grammar would be turning over in her grave.

I hated English in school. I never passed any high school English. I rebelled against the “rules”

So you know that things have to be bad when I find myself noticing how much todays generations are breaking the rules. Even journalists, both written and in front of the camera, like when doing the news.

take this for example.

“The DFO said the whales are still alive and a rescue mission was underway to get the whales back into the water along with Delta police officers.”

What are the Delta police officers doing in the water and why do those on the rescue mission want the whales to be with the officers? Does this mean that the officers have to stay in the water with the whales?

then there is this little bitty

" which resulted in a $9.5 settlement with the actress by CBS."

wow, a settlement of 9 dollars and 50 cents. where can I get me some of that. Don’t these people proof read?


“where can I get me some of that.”

Correction - “Where can I get myself some of that?”

yeah, but I am not supposed to be a professional.

Grammar isn’t the only thing being butchered today, just listen to them talk. They can’t pronounce words or are too lazy to and they use words over and over and over.

I made up a sentence that sums up the gobbledygook.

" I like actually kinda like sorta like like umm think it’s like sorta umm impornant in a kinda way, sorta actually. "

This is what I hear all the time and when I do, I don’t listen anymore…If you can’t bother to speak properly, why should I bother to listen.

Hmmm… Neither are you a part of one of todays generations?

You left out, “basically.” Basically, I kinda basically like sorta like like basically… For several years it has been the most overused and misused word by English speakers everywhere.

a computer scientist says Fortranly instead of Basically :slight_smile:

I have noticed ‘basically’ but I think’ actually’ has it beat by miles…What makes me laugh is the words ‘sorta’, ‘kinda’ and ‘like’ being used in the same sentence as ‘actually’…They seem to use the words ‘basically’ and ‘actually’ as a form of deep intellect when in fact they know ‘absolutely’ nothing and should keep their mouths shut.

Bingo, they gotcha :slight_smile:

There is after all some method to their madness

I’m not allowed to use the word that I speak the most… :wink:

The one phrase that really stands out is when a statement is made followed by “you feel me?”

How about" know what i mean"" you know what I mean" or “I mean” . If they don’t
start a sentence with “I mean” then they start it with “So”.

Sambo, for the rest of us, try spelling out the word you use the most. LOL

Mind you for years we’ve listened to jocks interviewed going back decades and you would be a drunken fool at the end of just one brief interview if you took a drink every time one of them said ‘you know’.

And they are still saying it, Pat… I mute a lot of interviews anyway.

Basically, this thread is fraught with such tomfoolery, you know??

Basically or Literally? ;D

It’s not the fad of using the words that is annoying, it’s the frequency and wrong use of the words.

I heard a young girl answer the question “How old are you?” with " I am actually 17." Now this may be a grammatically sound answer but why use it in the first place. “I am 17” works quite well and has for a long time. And what is the alternative answer if you use “actually” ? Is it “I am not actually 17” ??!!??!!

Like used a dozen times in two sentences is annoying !

I don’t care what hip, cool, groovy, sweet fad words anyone uses, just use them correctly and sparingly, please… 23 skiddoo !

What a curmudgeon.

I can’t wait to be one myself.