Graham Harrell

I wonder if Toronto is interested at all in Graham Harrell now that he's been released from the Riders. Might be a good fit for a kid from Texas as he will be allowed to play in gauranteed good conditions for at least eight regular season games. Seems personable too so if he does well out of the gate he is someone the Argos could really market.

Why would Harrell be interested in even competing for a job anywhere with a bunch of CFL rookies when that seems like a major reason he left Sasketchewan?

Furthermore consider that it according to one report on here he'll be making almost as much money in his new role as a coaching assistant somewhere back in Texas.

It just sounds to me like Harrell has a basic conflict-of-interest with what is required of any rookie in the CFL before he gets to start and also he's not good enough to draw any NFL interest, so off to coaching he goes I guess.

I got the impression that he was disappointed by Darian Durant's definitive status as the starter.
Since there is no definite starter in Toronto, he would actually have a chance to earn the job.

And if he doesn't win the starter's job, does Toronto risk having a malcontent on its roster?

I think he'll end up playing in the UFL this season.

I think Harrell has worn out his welcome in the CFL. The Riders had cleared the deck to allow Harrell to become the primary backup this year, but his baby act of repeatedly demanding his release will not have impressed any CFL GM. The Argos are the only team without a bona-fide starter, but it doubtful they would go after Harrell now, after the Argos have signed 4 prospects they're already committed to.

Basically Harrell has ruined his career by thumbing his nose at the golden opportunity given to him by the Riders (with probably the highest rookie contract since Raghib Ismail). He will have to make his way to the NFL from the Arena or UFL now.

It's hard to say. Talent overshadows many character issues. I just don't know what he was expecting as a raw, rookie free agent. Regardless of what he was told. No one makes those kinds of promises to a rookie QB before his plane even lands. And, Riderville, for the past few years is a place with a reputation of treating its players pretty well. Stories about getting screwed by that organization are probably not going to gain a whole lot of traction.

Clearly the kid was unhappy. I don't know if there's a scenario in this league that could make him happy.

If we are talking about Harrell possibly going to the Argos.... Barker is the same guy that signed Lawrence PHillips after he was released for beating his gf...

it was only a small beating...

A buddy of mine in Regina who has season tics was telling me he was at a game last year and a kid (who was obviously a player) walked up and sat down in the vacant seat beside him. My buddy struck up a convo and found out it was Harrell and it was the first Rider/CFL game he ever watched. My buddy said he disliked Harrell from the first words out of his mouth. Guess Harrell came across as a real bigshot, said he should be playing and that he’d be on the field this year, etc etc. What pissed my pal off the most was that Harrell was on his phone texting the entire game. Couldn’t have cared less about watching the game and learning something.

Anyway, as soon as teh Riders released Bell, my buddy wrote me to say the Riders got rid of the wrong guy.

I got it right and he's true to the typical Texan stereotype then ...Harrell's just another big-headed loud-mouthed Texan (think typical Dallas Cowboys fan or Texan tourist) full of tall tales with a serious chip on his shoulder because no one else thought he was good enough to make the NFL and they turned out to be correct.

How I wish the Riders just drop kicked him off his butt on his way out the door for extra measure.

So now I hope he fails in whatever he does and the world would be ...okay I'll stop there for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least GM Taman quickly realized what he had in Harrell and released him outright rather than wait to work out a trade. Apparently there were two teams who wanted him last season. The Riders also have the rights to Matt Grothe, whose agent didn't help his cause with comments that Grothe would "take over the CFL". I think the Riders should sign Todd Reesing rather than Ryan Dinwittie, who they are close to signing. But the Riders already have 2 other QB prospects in C. Bergquist and T. Smith and perhaps think they need another veteran. But Dinwiddie has started only 4 or 5 CFL games, but is familiar to the Riders new GM and OC.

True. Although to be fair, Dinwiddie has more starts and game experience (and more time in Berry's offence) than Jyles, who we would all have been quite okay with as our #2.

While I am sure Berry is doing a lot of changes to the playbook and such, I have heard that they are planning on keeping the basic style and terminology that the Riders have been using since Austin came in with Miller. So I would guess that Jyles would have an easier time learning than Dinwiddie.
But then again I am wrong all the time, and me never having been a pro QB, or any level, I have no experience on how hard it is for a QB to learn a new playbook.

I am just going to hope that we don't have to find out as Durant is not going to get hurt (vigorously knocking on wood)

Sam Harrell said that Graham participated in the Cleveland Browns' mini-camp last week and "it went really well." Graham also participated in the Browns' mini-camp last year and didn't make the team. Graham spent some time last year on the Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders team.

Sam Harrell said that Graham will attend a workout this week with the Green Bay Packers. After that, he has nothing else scheduled at this point.

Seems his release from the Riders was so he could pusue an NFL position again.

Geez go figure the Browns show interest in him? He would be the next Tim Couch, minus his status as one of the biggest NFL draft busts ever, given his only skill to work out of a spread offence, which is NOT what the they run in Cleveland out of the pro-set though they do plan to throw more again. :lol:

Strangely in Green Bay of all places he might fit in better with their current pro-set offense that does spread it out more than has Cleveland. This would assume that Harrell's arm is strong enough for the NFL.

gotta say paola, for an american said NFL fan, you are quite supportive and knolwedgeable about the CFL. do you prefer either league?

Harrell wanted out of Saskatchewan because he found out he didn't have a shot at the #1 role. so he didn't wanna wait.

guys are always looking to latch onto nfl rosters... even if theyve been cut, he wouldnt have wanted cut just to try for the nfl, cause if he didtn make the nfl hed be out of a job now, i agree that he wanted to be cut cause he would not be in contention for the #1 job...

even buck pierce went to some nfl workout thing after being released by bc... before signing with the bombers... if the nfl is your dream it never hurts to try

Thanks for the compliment but I'm still learning about the fine Canadian game. I switch between codes based mostly on the matchups and who is playing solid football more than anything else.

As a fan and junkie of most things football I appreciate the history of both games and as a former and soon hopefully again player of rugby union, I understand the roots of each game in rugby union as well as how each game has borrowed from the other for various improvements.

There is more I'd change about the NFL right now to improve the flow of the game and eliminate unnecessary penalties including rules I'd borrow from the CFL, and for the CFL there are only three changes I would make to its rules left and overall it has a better set of rules as far as the fan goes.

One of the rule changes I had advocated to lower the penalty for no yards once a ball had bounced to only 5 yards instead of the harsh 15, which it remains in the event of no yards with the ball from the air or within the 5-yd bugger zone, was made this offseason. :thup: