Graham Harrell

Riders are 2 and 0 and sign one of the best qb's in US football. And your comment is 5 qbs is too many. How negative can we get?

I was thinking the same thing. But then I thought he's likely just speculating here about who will be released to make room for GH, if anyone.

We already have 4 QBs on the roster. Bringing in another means somebody is due to get traded / conveniently injured / released.

Durant's job is pretty safe. Jyles and Bell played fairly even through training camp, although Jyles has taken over short yardage duties, suggesting he's taken the #2 job. My suspicion is that Cole Burquist will get released with a possible training camp invite. They've had a couple weeks to look at him, and will give him a couple things to work on for next year.

Unless they find a trade market for Jyles or Bell -- but management is pretty high on both of them -- and the market is flooded with unemployed QBs this year.

But it's good to see that they're looking at developing their own talent.

I can't wait to see what this guy can do for us!!!!!!!!!


I promise you all, he won't disappoint!! This guy is a champion!!


I didn't realize Tech won a championship? Do you mean his highschool maybe? Or do you mean he's destined to be a champ but hasn't yet?

Just announced that Graham Harrell has been signed by the Riders. This guy will fit in with Sask. on a dime. :rockin:

I do like this, Harrell is a very very very very talented young man. I however dont want this to turn into last year when we got Bishop. Let Durant start until he REALLY proves other wise before we start making half time switches to Harrell

Rest assured, you won't see GH for a looooong time unless you come out to practice. Bishop was a (proven/current/former) CFL starting QB at the time of his acquisition by the Riders. Totally diff. ballgame.

Good, groom him first dont throw the kid into the fire without a fire extinguisher

I smell a trade coming up in Regina? Maybe Jyles is on his way out, something is up :slight_smile:

Well you would have to think something is going to happen... Five quarterbacks is a lot.

I don't see them working Jyles into the short yardage situations to turn around and trade him. I'd say he's pretty well got the #2 spot locked up. We'll see what happens after he gets up here and gets the CFL ball in his hand and looks out at the 110 yd long, 65 yd wide field. Make some predictions after he's had a few practices.

The two young guys will barely see the field, even in practice. Read the article in the Leader Post. It sounds like it may take a couple months for Harrell to even get enough knowledge of the teams offense and the CFL game to get on the field. I wouldn't be surprised to see them stick with all five for the full year and then open up the competition in training camp next year.

Good point. So many people assume the Riders will trade or release one QB, but those are not their only options.

While not being a Roughriders fan, I am happy to see Graham Harrell in the CFL. I have always been a big fan of his and I can't believe he was overlooked by the NFL altogether. He has the potential to be a great QB.

they're going to keep all 5 QB's. nobody's going anywhere.

They're going to keep all 5 QBs -- until they get a good assessment of which ones are better. But I expect they'll have less by labour day.

You wont see 5 QB's on the team all year something is going to happen either a release or a trade is going to happen

Graham is a champion; that doesn't mean he won a championship, although he came damn close in college and I think he may have in high school (or at least playedn in the championship game.)

What I'm saying is that he is plays like a champion. He's not a quitter, and he knows how to win in clutch situations. He is a leader. If he makes it to the starting line-up, you will see what I mean.

When the Riders were down 33-8 in the 4th, Graham is the kind of leader that would be thinking victory.