Graham Harrell

I've heard two reports now that Graham might be going North to Regina, within the next 2 weeks. Does anyone know anything else about this?

I watched him play everydown for 3 years at Texas Tech breaking almost every school and NCAA passing record, and I can tell you that he knows how to run a passing spread offense. And he did it 4 years before that breaking every Texas high school record.

If so, do you think he will make his way into the starting line-up?

I hope it's true, sure sounds like it. He's played with Morris for years wouldn't be suprised if a few good words passed between them.

Doubt he'll see time this year, maybe some garbage time. With Bell and Harrell on the roster, we may just have found our future.

Looks like somethings up!

"Expect the Saskatchewan Roughriders to announce the signing of a quarterback any day now.The player had been eyeing the National Football League but has ultimately decided to try his luck in the Canadian Football League".

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I wouldn't expect him to make it this year as a full training camp seems to be neccessary for a rookie pivot. I think they will likely offer him a spot on the PR.

The jump from NCAA College football to CFL Pro is large. The speed and ferocity of the game is a tremendous challenge for a college player. Throw in twelve men as opposed to eleven, the 110 yard field and three downs and it makes it all that much more confusing. Aside from football there is the cultural and political differences between Saskatchewan and Texas. I was born and raised here but my wife is from Louisiana. I recall the very real adjustments and culture shock she experienced the first few years after she moved here. The climate alone can be a very severe adjustment for people from the southern USA. It would be much fairer to Graham if he were given the opportunity to take reps with the scout team for a season and then participate in a full TC before he gets thrown into the lions den! The Riders may be unwilling to put him on the PR because other teams will be able to claim him from there. They may elect to protect him on the reserve list given his outstanding college record.

I agree, I think a "redshirt" year would be best if he does indeed sign. It is only fair, especially since he missed training camp. Also, he will need to acclimate; however, his acclimation to the game should go much quicker than most NCAA QB's. The style of play that Graham has played in high school and especially under "The Mad Scientist" Coach Mike Leach at Texas Tech, is one of a high octane spread passing "Air Raid". The extra man will only give him one more guy to distribute the ball to, and rip apart defenses like he has always done.

Eric "The Elf" Morris, from Texas Tech, has also impressed coaches enough to make the squad, and I think it is due to playing under Leach.

As far as the weather goes...Lubbock, although worlds away from Canada, is not what you think of when you think of Texas weather. The panahandle and the southeastern parts of the state have very differing climates. It is nothing like Austin, Houston, or Louisisana.

I grew up in Lubbock, TX and in Lubbock, the land is flat as a table top, there are no trees, the wind blows all the time, and it at least gets cold in the winter, and it snows every year there at least 2 or 3 times, so yes there will be an adjustment, but not to the extent of say coming from Louisiana.

I'm hearing reports now that he is still waiting to see if the Cleveland Browns will sign him as free agent. He's working out with his brother in Abilene, Tx, and his dad is now battleing Muscular Sclerosis. (Dallas Morning News)

Let all hope for the best.

Because of a mechanical breakdown I spent ten very uncomfortable and cold hours on the side of the road just north of Amarillo one night. It wa during a storm that I guess you would call a 'Nor Wester'. I know exactlly what you are talking about! Sorry to hear about the health issues Mr. Harrell is dealing with. While I wish Graham luck in his quest to play in the NFL, I believe he will be a star in the CFL if he comes here. What is meant to be will be.

If we ever sign him..... expect a papercut or a hang nail to sideline him for the year.....
But not to be negative about Harrel, but his college creds aren't likely any better than pretty much every other QB that makes his way to he CFL...

(I drove thru a blizzard one night, north of Amarillo, TX, in 2000. First Time I ever saw Thunder Snow)

I hope he makes his way to Regina.

His College Credentials only include almost every NCAA passing record on the books, and almost every single Texas High School Passing Record.

He knows how to win in clutch situations..long quick drives, great comebacks, TD passes in the final seconds to win games..and he led the Red Raiders to the #2 poll position last year. I've seen him pull wins out of his a** time and time again, only getting rattled on rare occasions.

Also, 3 down football will practically be no adjustment for him, because the way Texas Tech moves the ball basically in 1-2 downs every time. And the rare times when they did get to 4th down....they went for it!

If I was him, I'd tell the NFL to go shove it, and then I'd go play in Canada, because basically, Canadian Football is just a better type of game, especially for him. The NFL will eat you up, spit you out, and stomp on you, all while stealing your soul. That is why I am not a fan anymore. I am a huge NCAA fan, and my pro league of choice is now the CFL.

I've chosen the Roughriders as my team of choice, and now, as fate will have it...I hope Graham makes it there!

Last report, is a prediction here:

If true...looks like he'll be signing with the Browns in the next couple of weeks. Damn!

(5th bullet point)

That's O.K. with me. I'd rather have him mature a year in the NFL than on our practice roster to tell you the truth. And by mature, I mean wrap his head around the fact he is destined to be a Rider great and not a 4th and maybe one day a 3rd or 2nd stringer in the dawg pound!

The quote say's perdiction. It doesn't mean thats true. Some dumb reporter trying to make a name for himself I suspect.

The only knock on Harrell is he has trouble throwing the deep ball. Other than that, he's freakin' amazing. I've pretty much watched him play every down for the past 4 years as I live in Lubbock and am a lifelong Red Raider fan. He's not a speed guy, either. But he can run an offense and he's deadly accurate. Not only would he have "the Elf" as a teammate; Dalton Bell is from up the road at West Texas A & M(about 100 miles north of Lubbock.) Saskatchewan would be a good fit for Harrell.

I really know nothing about the guy, but a lot of the guys that make their way to the CFL come with a very impressive resume in college and highschool. It's a different game and it takes every quarterback time to adjust to it. It's very very rare for a player to come in and start immediately barring some major injuries.

Durant is in his 4th year with the Riders and is getting his shot now and he left the University of North Carolina as their all time leading passer and holds many of their records.

I've heard a lot of good things about Harrell, but I try not to get too high as most of the QBs that show up have very impressive resumes coming in.

Good point...However; the interesting thing about Harrell is the type of offense that he has been playing at Texas Tech(and Ennis High School as well). If you know anything about Texas Tech, then you will know that his adjustment, and learning curve to the CFL will be light years shorter than probably any other college quarterback.

That Texas Tech offense is one of a faster pace, pass heavy, spread 'em out, and throw 60 passes a game, usually no more than 2 passes for a first down. I've been watching these CFL games this week, and it seems like a fairly natural progression.

No, Graham is not quick on his feet in terms of scrambling, but that is okay: he is poised in the pocket and he will have not 5, but 6! recievers to throw it to. Not only that, but they get a RUNNING start! AND, to top it all off... the field is bigger and wider, and the endzones are twice the length, which creates more SPACE! and creating Space, is what the AIR Raid offense is all about. It is really a metamorphasis of an offense, compared to anything else the the U.S. As a matter of fact...God help you if coach Mike Leach "The Mad Scientist" ever became a CFL coach. He would dominate!

see 60 minutes report here on coach Leach:
Coach Leach is widely criticized here in the US, but Graham knows his system, which is really more like Canadian Style.

After watching opening weekend, I am salivating to see Graham play in the CFL.

I think he will be a star in the CFL, if this is what he chooses. And he will tear defenses apart, like he has always done.

I just saw another blog, that said he will be making a decision within a week. :slight_smile:

I love your enthusiasm and your zest for life in general but you have to realize it's sort of condescending/insulting of you to assume that your boys would come up here and dominate. I know both people you are talking about as I too am a Red Raiders fan(yes I have been to two games).

I have had the fortune to watch a Rider game on a Friday night, and a Green Bay Packers game that Sunday of the same weekend. If you had this luxury(or seen a CFL game in the flesh at all) you might feel differently.

The games are very different. Obviously the body archetypes are different. But the talent level is sooooo close. Americans and Eastern Canadians, in general, tend to believe this not to be true.

Ask Kenton Keith who played for both the Riders and the Indianapolis Colts within the span of a year. He says it's identical talent but differing in sizes and games.

Please consider these opinions when posting in the future. Thanks and welcome my Texas friend.

We just got a 4th QB into camp yesturday, so the odds of bringing in a fifth are really not good right now.

At we'll take a look at Cole Bergquist right now. Barring injury, he'll be in town a few weeks so they can determine if they want to extend an invitation to Training camp next year. Harrell may get brought in this year as well. It's rare that a #4 QB will be protected ( unless you're Dalton Bell, and the Seahawks are interested ). They'll bring him in -- and then tell him to work on his quickness in the offseason and invite him to training camp next year -- unless he's truly something special.

I can accept that constructive criticism. I've enjoyed the first two games, and will be looking forward to more!
It looks like Graham Harrell’s professional football career could get started very soon.

As early as today, the former Texas Tech quarterback may have a contract finalized with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. His mother, Kathy Harrell, said on Tuesday Graham’s agent and the team were working on a two-year deal for the Ennis Lion legend.

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Quarterback Graham Harrell is on his way up from Texas to Regina. The Roughriders and Harrell agreed to terms on a contract today.

5 QBs is a few too many.

Yes! Get out your popcorn folks! This day will be one you will mark with pride years from now.