Graham Harrell to the Blue?

Heard a rumor LaPolice is going to try and get the Blue to make a move to get Graham Harrell from the Riders. Harrell is going to be a good CFL QB. Hope it's true.

You'll have to wait and see if he's a good CFL QB.Lefors wasn't all he was hyped up to be by Kelly when he was brought with Kelly from the Esk's to the Bombers.

...i thought Harrell went looking for employment elsewhere in the excited states...Is he even in football anymore..???? :roll:

The coaching job Harrell took is for the off-season only. He’s still going to play. I doubt LaPolice will make a play for him. He apparently sounded quite high on Santos and DiMichelle at the press conference today and he said that if LeFors surgery is healing well that he will be at TC.

ya he talked about santos quite confidentally even mentioning time spent at new hampshire, kelly probably wasnt bs'ing when he said santos and lulay are 2 qb's alot of people in the cfl think could be something special. id throw tafralis in that mix too (to be honest). also mentioned the kid from temple who is ofcourse dimichelle who i have on facebook, great guy.. down to earth, really quite the guy, 3 sport athlete too, actually was drafted by the toronto blue jays and wants to be here and is actually willing to like be on the pr aswell, he said his time will come and when it does, it doesnt matter if its this season, next season, whenever the time is right, he's gonna make the most out of it and he's cool with being #3,#2,#1. #4

Lefors, who has come out and said that he didnt get or understand or even like mike kellys offense is not a write off yet, i dont understand, maybe its the left handed qb thing but ppl are writing him off cuz he played 4 games in mike kellys offense, WON 1 of those games, was running a piss poor offense, got hurt apparently week 1. i mean the guys got heart and he does have the ability, just put these guys in a proper system that they are familliar with somewhat and understand and who really knows.

I think people are gonna be surprised this season, because sometimes its not the qb that sucks... its the system because that sytem doesnt play to the players strengths.. kelly wasnt smart enough to play to the players strengths and lapolice i beleive is.

as for harrell?

lefors(id say 50/50 depending on his shoulder injury if he's back for camp or not)
santos,dimichelle (almost guaranteed to be here for training camp)
bishop(lapolice chose his words carefully, got the feeling he could be here or he could be gone)(or he could be training camp fodder)

Now thats 3, maybe 4 qbs right there for training camp.

so if those are your 4(and im allright with that, seeing as qbs dont grow on trees)

people want mcpherson, now they want jyles.... like ill say this right now.. MCPHERSON.. not gonna happen. WE DONT HAVE ANYONE MONTREAL WANTS!! DOUG BROWN? (he gets traded, the city riots), an early round draft pick(LOL WE DONT GOT IT). NOT GONNA HAPPENN.

Jyles? he's a free agent, you know... if i was him id resign in sask or look at toronto. i doubt lapolice is gonna bring in jyles. I HIGHLY DOUBT IT (just the stigma from kelly bringing in his 3rd stringer from edmonton last season, who to have him be an epic bust(in many peoples eyes, not mine, it wasnt lefors, it was the system).

Harrel? well how many qb's do/can you have a training camp? as many as you want?? OK lets bring in harrel, quinn gray, joe webb,(look it up, we have his neg rights), mike kafka(again neg rights), bring in jarious jackson when its gonna be concusion buck that gets cut, bring buck in too for gods sake.

Id bring in a max of 6 qbs and right now at this moment... im bringing...

lefors,santos,dimichele,bishop, and 2 NCAA/ufl qb. (joe webb,mike kafka,)(quinn gray,jp lohshman). if i cant get harrell for a mid to late round pick... SURE id bring him in but there goes one of the other guys..

laugh all you like at lohshman but he was outstanding for the UFL last year... apparently, i say apparently cuz well, who watched but apparently he burnt up the league and his team won the championship. LOL

IM WILLING to go into the season with 1 vet such as bishop or lefors (yup those 2 are my vets) and 2 youngers like santos and dimichele, im willing to give the young guys a chance, at this point, i wouldnt care if the qb's were santos dimichele and some kid off the streets, as long as he can get the job done and actually doesnt turn the ball over we will be ok.

......Santos has a future in this league.....I know he's going to be a force to reckon with in tc. ... I like this DiMichelle kid as well...lots of potential.....Why not bring back Lefors.....Let him take his best shot and who knows under a system like LaPolice can run (see khari jones in the Bomber good years) he could be something special...Underlying all of this is a need for a quality experienced qb. Whether that's Bishop or another qb. who may not be in another teams plans....bring him in.....McPherson is a loooooong shot....I doubt the Bombers can put together a deal that would remove him from Popps clutches...BUT this is the CFL and something could change...All in all we have enough on our plate now as far as qbs. go...the exception being a quality experienced qb. other than Bishop.....Harrell ,along with Jyles, most likely will not be on the Bomber radar...I can't wait to see what we can put together this year... :thup:

Until they actually win a game (or throw a pass in a regular season game, even) these guys are just more Tee Martins.

Your just a ray of sunshine. After everything Bomber fans have been through over the last year you keep putting everything or everyone down. How about you let them enjoy the hiring of their new coach. I'm surprised they haven't told you to fuzz off.

You're right. Ricky Santos is better than Anthony Calvillo.

Fact is, only one or two of the potential qb's may pan out down the road, but might as well find out sooner rather than later which one(s) it might be.

I'm hoping the position is wide open and that they keep a vet (Bishop) around to clean up and help teach the young guys. Bishop may not be the most consistent qb around, but the guys experience can be invaluable to a bunch of rookies both on and off the field.

Let's face it, without Glenn and Bishop, Peg and Hammer would have struggled to win more than 4 games last year, both those guys saved the season for their teams, and neither is the future of their organizations.

....your last paragraph hits the nail right on the head pigseye....totally agree..i believe without Bishop we would have been at the bottom of the eastern div.....and that's a sad state of affairs, considering how bad the argos were.. :wink:

Glenn could easily play at a high level for another five years.

And he could easily not.

unfortunately for kg, he's already had 1 major injury and a few minor ones, surely his knees are abit bummed up, altho he was running more this year, he probably doesnt have 5 years left in him. probably 2 or 3 and maybe he sticks in the cfl as a coach, lots of qb's seem to be doing that.

id like to a qb coach to be named offensive cooridinator like khari or plaps buddy james from sask.

who's to say, id say right now tho since this is about harrell, he has more potential than kevin glenn.

He was wearing braces on both knees his last year in Winnipeg. I agree, I don't think he'll last 5 years especially if he hurts one of his knees again. tweak on either knee, and Hamilton sees the Kevin Glenn Winnipeg knew...

If Kevin Glenn goes down, there's a good chance of the pussycats will fall flat on their face, and remember Glenn didn't play a full season in kitty town. So you can almost gaurantee an injury to Glenn if he's a starter.

As a Bomber fan, that's what you hope. But Glenn played a lot last year in the second half of the season and went unscathed. Our O-Line and his quick release = no injuries to the one you let get away.

Well those same two tackles Glenn is now behind in Hamilton didn't save him from injury in Winnipeg. And the interior of the line was probably stronger in Winnipeg, especially in 2006 & 2007, so keep hoping, Glenn is on borrowed time just like he always is.