Graham Harrell Leaves Riders

what a bum!

fine, leave bum! you don't wanna play here, go find some other city to suck in

Geez, who peed in your cornflakes? Let the guy make a personal decision about his career. Or do you judge everyone like that? :roll:

And we were starting to build a fanbase in Lubbock, TX by signing some of their collage kids.

Guess it wasn't working out well, so we sent them home.

:lol: Geez, is cfl in a mood today or what!

This is just normal, isn’t it?

No one flies off the handle better than cfl, that’s for sure!

Another Big 12 casualty here ...he can throw in a college spread offence but not at the pro CFL level due it would seem to likely lack of ability to throw on the run assuming his arm is even strong enough?

And for the NFL he never had a chance like many of his other Big 12 one-dimensional spread offense peers aside from pocket passing prowess from a pro set.

I can't but think the release of Eric Morris may have played somewhat a factor in this. I mean, what are the odds two guys who are both from Texas Tech being released on the exact same day from the Riders? Eric was a gimme, we didn't need him and he had no chance of breaking the roster with the depth, but suddenly Graham decides simultaneously that he too, is done? Like someone else said, where's there’s smoke, there’s fire.......

If not, then I would unplug my phone today if I was a Rider that came from Texas Tech.

So one of those two spots will be a QB replacement...gotta think. The other? I wouldn't mind a defensive halfback with some NFL or CFL experience.

Harrell will soon realize as backup QB for the Riders he had about the best shot to play over any other football team in North America. Apparently the former Rider GM made some promises about playing time that he couldn't deliver... but I guess there's always the Arena League if Harrell wants to be "given" the starters job!

He's the resident Psycho...

what a DINK… he didnt even get to see the field!!! - this shattered all over my view of him… ok, well whatever… we can still pickup a young stud QB who wants to see the field

The only way this is a problem is if the pair pops up in Toronto...

I’ve heard it suggested that they both might be going back to Texas Tech to continue as grad assistant coaches. Either that or Harrell goes to TO.

I can see Taman working the napkins now,

Cleveland McKoy

I hear Russ Michna was tearing up the Arena League before it shut down.

Or maybe that red headed guy that threw the pick late in the TO game........the one Berry cut before he got back to the bench.

Crandell's probably in his basement polishing up his cleats right now.....

lmao! :lol:

[url=] ... rrell.html[/url]
Former Rider GM Eric Tillman was the man who brought Graham Harrell - the record-setting QB from Texas Tech - to Saskatchewan. Below, Eric comments via email on the Riders' release of Harrell today:

I have not spoken with the media since I resigned, but, in fairness to other people, I'll be glad to on this one.

No, I'm not totally surprised by the news. Here's a little history: when Graham came north he had an offer to play in the new UFL. That's the league where Denny Green, Jim Haslett, Jim Fassel, etc, all former NFL guys, were coaching. Many Canadians, with good reason, don't know much about that league, because it was on US cable only.

Anyway, Graham turned down a larger offer from them and came to Canada for about $4000 a game. It would have gone up to about $5000 a game this year, if I remember correctly. Why did he come to Saskatchewan for less money? One, because he loved the spread offense - Texas Tech's system has many CFL similarities. And, two, because when we initially recruited Graham, I told his agent we had three young quarterbacks (Durant, Jyles and Bell), and it was a great opportunity for Graham to come in and compete for the starting job at some point.

After he missed our training camp, we kept recruiting him hard, but I was honest - saying 2009 might prove to be nothing more than a developmental year. But, at the same time, trying to encourage him, too, by saying if Graham played well enough in practice, he certainly MIGHT get some playing time late in 2009.

As always, though, it was made clear that decision would be made by Ken Miller and the coaches. As everyone knows, Graham waited and waited on a second NFL opportunity, after attending the Browns mini camp in May, hoping Cleveland, or someone, would sign him. Given the NFL pay scale, we all understood that. When no NFL offers came their way, he finally agreed to come to Canada instead of the UFL - but, like I said, that was well after the Riders training camp was completed.

Graham's arrival, fortunately for us, but unfortunately for him, coincided with Darian playing very well. With that high level of play by Darian, and with the confidence the players and coaches had in him, the opportunity quickly wasn't what it might have been for Graham if he had participated in training camp.

Looking back, you have give credit to Kenny for believing in Darian, and to Darian for seizing the moment. Based on multiple conversations, though, the coaches all seemed to like and respect Graham very much after he arrived - and said they wished we had had him from day one.

But, in late September, shortly before the trade deadline (Oct 14th), his agent (Jon Persch) asked for us to trade Graham. He was very respectful, but stated strongly Graham felt with DD's emergence, he wouldn't ever have a fair chance to compete to be the starter in Saskatchewan. In particular, Jon mentioned Toronto, as a desired destination. I countered, suggesting, if he stayed, Graham would have a real chance to compete for the number two job in 2010; but that clearly wasn't what they preferred. Their response wasn't in a combative way at all - they were very complimentary of Darian, and the other qb's, too - but, it was crystal clear: Graham wanted to be somewhere where he could COMPETE to be the starter!

So, I spoke with Adam Rita at length on the phone, and we met in my home a few days later - the night before the Riders-Argos game in early October. That was right before the trade deadline. I gave Adam a college DVD of Graham at Tech for them to review. After they returned to Toronto, Adam and Bart looked at the DVD, and within a couple of days, we were talking specifics; but, unfortunately, we simply couldn't reach an agreement that I felt was fair to the Riders.

We had an offer in the west, too, but I felt it was a mistake to trade Graham within the division...especially, since that offer wasn't a first round draft pick, or even a second. We wanted a conditional number one pick, based on if Graham became a starter with his new team. Anyway, Adam and I agreed to talk further after the season. Obviously, things changed significantly with Bart Andrus and me leaving our positions, with Brendan and Kenny getting promotions, and with Jim Barker's arrival in Toronto.

My sense is the new Toronto regime really liked Dalton Bell, but any discussions regarding Dalton, Graham, etc, from early January on, should go through Kenny, Brendan or the Argonauts. In fairness to Kenny, and the staff, they did a great job developing Darian.

And, in total fairness to Brendan, who's a great guy, this Graham situation is a hot potato he simply inherited. So, if anyone's unhappy a trade wasn't consummated back then, please blame me, not Brendan or Kenny. In fairness to Graham, he has really had a tough year, or so.

His father - and they're very close - was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), and, then, his NFL dream didn't come to fruition. So, he comes to Canada wanting to PLAY, and, then, Darian grabs the starting job and plays his backside off. That happens in football, but, players are just human beings who wear jersey's for a living - they get frustrated just like the rest of us do. In truth, Graham's a really good young man, who's been dealt some lousy cards recently, especially with his Dad's illness.

Sorry this was long, but, there were many elements to Graham's situation, and I hope this helps clarify several aspects.

And, again, if there's any fault to be passed around, please blame me. We could have traded Graham last October, and I take responsibility for that.


Gotta love Tillman for clearing the air on it.

But it also opens up Taman for some serious blows should these two guys endup in Toronto and the Riders get nothing in return.

It will also make Rita and Barker look like thieves if the pair ends up in Toronto.

And it make cfllisthebest look lide a tard.