Graham Harrell joins Oklahoma State Coaching staff

unbelievable.....someone please explain this to me. Didn't he sign a 2 year plus option? Can he walk away from that to take a coaching position? (I'm aware that he can't play for term, but coaching?) I'm baffled....

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He can't play football for anyone but the Riders, but other than that, he can do as he pleases. The Riders will likely place him on their suspended list for the duration of his contract. It is conceivable they'll just release him outright.
And really, who cares?

Unfortunate. I guess he didn’t see himself cracking the roster

It's frusterating though to put time, money, effort and commitment into a player who could develop into a something, especially one that looks like he could be a fit for the CFL, only to have him grab his lawnmower, jump the fence and mow that grass that looks a little greener.

Basically, we provided him a paycheque for 2009, and kept his foot in the door when everyone else turned their backs on him. And what contributions did we get in return? I know this isn't the first, and won't be the last because that's just the game, I just can't grab the concept. Players want to play, and he had a better than decent shot at a bright future as a young QB in this league. It almost appears that playing isn't necessarily important to him.

Unless this is just interim......then I take it all back. :lol:

Seriously, a statement needs to be released from the Riders on this.

If that turns out to be the case, then everyone (him and the team) is better off with his leaving. I wouldn't want a QB who wasn't sure if he really wanted to play or not. . .

I guess the part that really boils me is the lack of the love of the game. I can guess his reasons are being closer to home, larger paycheque, longevity. But like alot of you, I played when I was young, but played my last game at the high school level, that's where the big dream died. Not from a lack of effort mind you. I will bet most of you who read this can relate with similar stories.

I work with a guy who played 25 years professional hockey, in a gazillion leagues including 5 in the NHL. He says he was always paid usually league minimums. In lots of cases, he would fight to even get paid because of playing for broke teams. So why play? For the love of the game. Nothing else. The guy is now 45 years old and still routinely wonders if there is someplace or someone that would allow him to lace them up for just one more game.

So here is someone (Harrell) that could play out his dream, instead, he wants to watch it from the sidelines. I don't get it. If I had to choose between 3-5 years of playing (or at least taking the shot), or 10 years coaching, the choice would be easy. But that's just me.

Sounds now like he plans on doing both---coach in the spring, play summer and fall.

I see your point, but really, how much of a chance was he going to get by staying here? Maybe we could have traded him elsewhere, but then some guys don't like to be bounced around like that without even playing a game in any league. He saw an oppritunity so he took it-- nothing wrong with that, its more likely he will be paid better than what he would have gotten here to watch from the press box. The emergence of Durant means that for anyone else to get a chance to play here, they will have wait until Durant gets a serious injury, or he leaves for whatever reason. If Durant gets injured its more likely that Jyles gets the majority of playing time-- and there is Dalton Bell, who would be next on the depth chart. There has to be a time when a player or coach has to look out for his own interest, and that is the case here.

It looks like this whole topic is moot. Harrell intends to do both, according to this article.

I can't say how happy I am to be totally off track here.

But, it would go without saying that it would be nice to see something come from the Riders explaining this, before people like me get jumping to conclusions. So in the end, it's not me, it's everyone just like usual. :lol:

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in the words of keyshawn johnson c'mon man!

im still as die hard a rider fan as you'll see in vancouver but comon... first i loose my highly touted adarius bowman, lovely... now my horn tootin' Graham Harrell? well frig me sideways with a chainsaw... I AM 100% positive that harrell is a cfl franchise qb... i really hope this is just so he can boomerang back with authority.... Aswell i'm not to happy about Brendan becoming GM, although i share a name with him, in my minds eye, he is not taman for ta job....

Argh!!! - well at least im getting some offseason news?

Really? Why?

He was our 5th string QB, who never once put on a game jersey. I mean, he was an intruiging prospect, just like every other young QB, but eveyone falls so madly in love with this imagined potential that all perspective is lost.

They likely should have had a press release once they knew what was going on.
But I repeat....Harrell intends to play football with the Riders this year. He'll do both.

So......this is all just a great big bag of whoop-dee-doo.

Well, he's got his share of superfans up here, I'll say that much.

Arius has it right, he plans to stay with the Riders so everyone can chill. this is right in the article that was linked to this thread.

This past season Harrell played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. He will work the offseason for OSU and continue playing for the Roughriders, since the CFL exhibition season doesn't start until June.

let’s be accurate here!

he played for the Injury reserve team in 2009! :lol:

First of all let me explain who I am.

I have been a huge Texas Tech fan for most of my life but especially since Mike Leach has been the coach. I saw basically every game Harrell played at Tech, including many in person. When I heard that he didn't get drafted into the NFL, I was a little surprised, but then again not...because the NFL has a certain prototype that they are looking for. When I heard speculation that he may be looking north, I became curious about the CFL (and this was before he signed with the Riders mind you).

I started looking into the league, and decided that I was going to follow it for the 2009 season. Then I knew I must pick a team. I did some research, watched some youtube videos and finally chose to be a Riders fan. 1. because of the what I saw as a very passionate fan base who cares about FOOTBALL!! Being from is like a religion. 2. because when I saw Regina, it reminded me of my hometown, and the hometown of Texas Tech...Lubbock, TX. It seems to be almost identical, except for the weather.

That being said, I started watching the games online (ESPN360 and TSN replays). When Graham Harrell was signed, I was overjoyed. I really liked what he said when he arrived in town. Very humble, yet ready to work hard.

After our Texas Tech coach was fired (for obvious political and financial reasons, and based on lies and bogus allegations), I have become very bitter toward Tech, and will not be supporting the program until the corruption has been removed from the administration. However, this is what caused all the coaching shifts which prompted Harrell to join the staff at OSU.

When I first heard about this...I was very dissappointed, but then thought well maybe, he looked at his future and thought it was time to move on to his next career. After all, his Father Sam, is the highest paid High School Football coach in Texas (113k yr.) On a side note: Sam Harrell has MS, and will be going to Costa Rica to get some aggressive treatment with stem cells. Anyhow, I thought it perhaps made sense for Graham, but I was dissappointed because I can definitely envision him developing into a great CFL QB. Graham has even stated that perhaps the CFL is his place to stay (as opposed to hoping for the NFL someday).

My Point:

When I finally realized that it was only for the offseason...I was happy. I am now counting the days until training camp starts, and I will be following every step of the way down here in Texas.

That being said...I don't know what the future holds, but I can tell you this....GH is a young man of strong character and work ethic. He is also a clutch player. I have seen him throw so many last second TD passes, 4th down conversions while the game is on the line, lead the team on a long drive with little time for the win, and show great leadership. I promise you this...he is never out of a game. I saw him lead his team back on 5 straight scoring drives to win a comeback game after being down 38-7 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter to win the game. (Insight Bowl vs. Minnesota). When the game is on the line, this is a guy you want leading the charge. It seemed to happen time and time again.

I also think that the CFL game is more suited to his skills, which is orchestrating spread passing offenses since he was a freshman in high school. He is a very accurate passer who can throw extremely well under pressure. He doesn't get sacked much.

I will be rooting for Durant...but when/if Harrell ever gets his out! Hopefully he will deliver!

For those who want to support Graham Harrell Join this facebook group:!/group.php?gid=108780211761

Wellcome back Stufrogg, good to hear from you!

Thanks Stufrogg, I'm glad I'm not alone here. Only in the CFL can a guy go from a 5th string "nobody" to college coach, to a 2nd string second coming of the big guy in the matter of a couple weeks, and all without throwing a ball for a single "in the books" down! And yet, we have a few weeks yet! Who knows, maybe Buck Pierce/Mike Bishop and Joe Theismann might fill out 1, 2 & 3 yet....... I've stopped guessing.

I have alot of stock in Harrell. It sounds like the spread offense will be his calling card.

After all, only thing better than having one gun is two!

all I know is I am getting football withdrawals! and I am getting ready to see some football!!

(thanks for those who read that long post)

Stufrogg, this off the subject but I'm curious about the whole Leach - James thing. Maybe I'll get a chance to ask Graham or Eric about it when they come back to town for TC.