Graham Bell

I am pretty sure alot of people have heard what happened to him so i am just going to start a Get Well soon thing and hope he comes out of this and has an explosive season with us so ya GET WELL SOON BELL and take ur anger out on sask. when we play them on Labour Day

apparently he is out of the hospital now.

Hopefully he is at TC when it opens up, and practicing by say week 2. He can just go on and hopefully it will be like it never happened, as in he won't have any side effects physically(mental scares will always be there getting hit in the head with a baseball bat do do that)
Here's hopeing he has a great year in 2007 with the Bombers, the Blue win the cup and due to the Blue winning the cup(and first in the east) he gets over 10K$(I think it would be 15-20K to win first and the cup)
Money eases all pains.

Truly a guy who deserves to make a full comeback, all the best to him.
I remember Rod Hill chased down a purse snatcher years ago, that poor thief must be the unluckiest guy in the world!

Sounds like Lezi has taken Bell's starting job from him. Tough break for the kid, wish him all the best.

Lezi has the FB spot.

Bell is a RB, no one has truly taken his spot as his Job is to be both FB and RB. Once Bell is healthy I'm sure Berry will want him on the roster ASAP.
But he will likely start the season on the 9 Game IR so from now he'll have ~11 weeks to recover completely and be in game shape.

Labour Day would basicly be his Targetted return, a perfect Place for Bell to come out and have a huge game, 150 combined yards!(would be a huge huge huge game for bell)

He will probly will sit out this season and come back next year