Grading time!! rate your Fav players..

so, I saw in the local paper today they were giving grades out to the Esks players..

interesting to say the least.

Ricky Ray was given a C-


take your favorite players in the league and grade them, see how you think they did over the 18 game season.. A+ to F


Andy Fantuz A- This guy was very good in 2009. had few drops that should have been catches.. but considering he missed 5 games, he could have been possibly up in the top 4 in receiving had he been healthy

Darian Durant B- He started off with some issues, especially in the INT department and had a number of games where he fell asleep. But when the games mattered near the end of the season he pulled it together and looked extremely confident in action and very calm and composed!

John Chick - A+ Well! this guy was unstoppable! 2nd in league sacks, a force that caused many teams to either play double team or just run their plays away from him! he's a lock for the Defensive player of the year..

Tom Higgins - D+ This guy made it perfectly clear that he was not going to make too many friends this year.. especially when he spoke out of turn after the Chick hit on Burris. I think he needs to go back to school for a while.

Kavis Reed - D- Riders Special teams for most of the season have been below average! poor blocking, poor tackling and shoddy returning! if it weren't for the fact they brought in Armstead, we'd be dead in the water! I don't understand how you can go 18 games and never have any significant improvement on your kick off and Punt Cover??

Interesting, after these instructions, you list 2 players, a director of officiating, and a coach.

And this is by the way, but if you are grading your "favourite player" would you ever grade him badly?

"Uh, my favorite player is Ricky Schleppmo, a 240 pound offensive tackle who was told to go home from a Rider free agent camp in Tallahassee last March."

:lol: ....that'd be an 'F' I would assume....

No way, man. Straight "A" all the way. Best fourth string tackle to ever don a practice jersey at North-Central Florida Community College.

Go Nurse Sharks!

no I am being fair.. B- is a fair grading.. sheesh

[insert 'over your head whoosh' soundclip here]

Actually he was fourth

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Tyrone Jones A+++