Grading the 2006 Starting Quarterbacks

Stats don't mean everything and with that in mind here are my opinions,

  1. Dave Dickenson,'B+' solid Qb and if I had to coach the grey cup game I would want him over anyone else right now. If not for the injuries he'd be breaking records!
  2. Anthony Calvillo,'B+' proven over and over again. Struggled this year but I'd still take him on my team anytime!
  3. Henry Burris,'B-' I don't care what anybody thinks,in my opinion,he's still going to get better over time. This year will only add to his character and I believe he'll improve!
  4. Ricky Ray,'B-' Yes his stats were excellent but his team faltered.He is an excellent Qb who deserved better this year.
  5. Kerry Joseph,'C+' a good young Qb with a very bright future ahead of him.Resigning him for a lower salary may present problems.
  6. Kevin Glenn,'C' showed alot of maturity and promise before getting injured and the jury is still out on his ability to lead his team to the next level. How patient will the Bomber organization be with Glenn as their starter?
  7. Damon Allen,'C-' I know Argo fans think he should be ranked much higher but he seemed to lose his edge after setting the record. Obviously one of the best but also injured for a large part of the season. Does he have another full season in him? We'll find out!
8) Jason Maas,'D+' Say what you want but he is a leader. He ran into a team that needed improvements and never delivered in critical areas. Maas is a good Qb who would be very welcomed in a few CFL cities! What happened in Hamilton was not all his fault!

I would look for some movement in the Qb department before the start of the 2007 season. I believe we'll see at least one major surprise if not two! A major trade for sure!! Just my opinion of course!

Burris and Calvillo ahead of Ray? Yikes.

I took into consideration overall team success not just stats. Like I mentioned Ray was certainly not totally responsible for the Esks record this year.