Grading the 2006 Head Coaches

This is just my opinion but please feel free to give your opinion.

BC: 'A' Wally Buono, even though some may question a few of his decisions at times he is the best active coach in our league!
Montreal: 'B+' Don Matthews/Joe Popp Love him or hate him THE DON is the best but the Als were inconsistent and Popp was fortunate enough to take over a pretty good team.Still a solid future with a solid QB!
Winnipeg: 'B' Doug Berry, A 9 and 9 record,multiple key injuries and a playoff berth! Not bad for a first year head coach. Too much faith in his backup Qbs cost him a home playoff game.
Calgary: 'B-' Tom Higgins, I understand it's not Higgins who drops balls or throughs interceptions but the hook should have come out a couple of times to sit certain players at certain times. Still a class act and certainly one of the best!
Toronto: 'B-' Mike Clemons, widely respected and rightfully so! Allen never played the same after breaking the record and it showed. Probably should of thrown Bishop in to games alot more often then he did,and he can't be faulted for the injuries to key personnel. Definitely a class act in the same room as Higgins.
Saskatchewan: 'C+' Danny Barrett, a quality coach who may have stayed in Regina too long. The Riders have a solid team with a young Qb who is only going to get better! I guess it depends on Eric's vision for the future.
Hamilton: 'D' Greg Marshall/Ron Lancaster, I still believe it was a mistake to let Marshall go! Ron came in to ride it out and I believe this team will make many changes and they should not give up on Jason Maas,at least not yet!
Edmonton: 'D-' Danny Maciocia, very football smart but had alot of bad luck with about 50% of it being his call. Aging veterans and a below average secondary hurt him in a big way along with a much improved west division in general showed the Esks weaknesses. Don't expect the same team to hit the field in 07!

Of course it's not always the Head Coach who is at fault but you can't fire 25 players or can you? Some solid candidates are or are about to become available for at least the Montreal and Hamilton franchises if not a few other teams. Look for a few surprises before Xmas in my opinion. Kent Austin,Greg Marshall and Steve Buratto will probably be relocating shortly,just to name a few!