Grade this season

Look, I think we all know this season hasn't been up to the standards we've all become used to. Rightfully so I suppose, 600+ days between games and all. But I kept waiting week after week for the rust to be shaken off.....

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I give it a D +


I give it an R.

R as in Randy Bobandy, and requires improvement.

when I went to school, an R on my homework usually meant Redo.


This season should get a “participation” trophy.


The league needs at least one head coach either Bill Parcells himself or someone like him. I like coaches like him who take charge and tells his star players to shut-up during practice and those players respond positively about it.

That's how the league gets an A.

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I don't mind it, it seems the year of the defense. Yes, their have been missed blocks, drops and over/under throws, but those happen every year.

I mean I appreciate good defense and all but 10 weeks of this is beyond ridiculous!

This has easily been the worst season of football since the 90s, easily worse than that year that they stopped the return teams from blocking from the side and field position plummeted (2014?). The football was still good that year, the scores were just lower.

So many dumb penalties, dropped passes. Bo Levi just making terrible decisions and throws every week. Horrendous o-line play from a few teams. A gestapo run command center replay booth. We even had a cancelled game. Heck we have 4 or 5 kickers that make O'Mahony look good! It's insanely bad football.

The only good thing about this season is that there is a season and that the league is still alive.


Couldn't agree more. I'm grateful to have the games but as far as entertainment value, not much. It's just going to widen the imaginary gap for the people that hate on the league and think NFL is the only way. Can't wait to start hearing that :roll_eyes::expressionless:

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