Grade the Riders 2010 Draft

Just gauging what others thought of the Riders 2010 draft?

You guys got Williams... All my best to you. He's the best CIS player I've seen in a while. What a great score!

i would give all teams a c right now. just avg. cuz noone really knows what they got until they step on the field.

That's not really the point of draft grade's or there would be no B and A grade's.The point of draft grade's is a)the talent you secured during the draft b)how well you addressed your need's during the draft.

Yes they have something to prove as does everyone else that got drafted or is a rookie to the CFL.Chance's are they'll do good however.Will we really see any of these guy's THIS year?No.Not unless your GM's an idiot and throw's em' right into the fire.

I thought i’d explain why I graded a C…

Shomari Williams + for the Player + DE/LB addressed
Jordan Sisco - we did not need more WR’s in my eyes
Patrick Neufeld +/- = no plus no minus… this was expected up and comer to replace those long in tooth down the line
Bruno LaPointe + Addressed DL

Verses how I thought It should’ve gone

#2 Cory Greenwood + for the player (athleticism) + LB addressed
#4 Eddie Steele + for player + DL addressed
#33 Patric Neufeld
#38 -best available player-

So B / C overall… But thats without knowing anything about Sisco, and LaPointe.

I think the Riders will come out of this heads held high with what they did in the long run =)

Sysco has a tryout with the Indianapolis Colts (although its probably a long shot for him to actually make it) and performed well in the East-West bowl. Anyway, I do not see the need for another reciever to be brought onto the team. I would give the draft a B minus as I think Williams may fare pretty well.

I like how guys are grading teams by comparing players drafted that they've never seen play to other players not drafted who they've never seen play.

On average, I'd say a "B"

  • Shomari
    -Sisco -Would have thought a LB or DL, but the pick was understandable.
    ? LaPointe

Interesting that LaPointe played for Buffalo, where Barrett is coaching. Wonder if the Riders called him for an inside scoop?

This is why I tend to stay away from draft debates. I don’t follow college ball in either country, so all I have to assess a given player are the PR lines and the stat sheets.

I don’t remember anyone hyping Shea Emry when we drafted him, but he’s turned out pretty well for the Als. :wink:

And, perhaps ironically, leading up to the draft there was general angst on this board that we WOULD draft

Really? That’s funny. What was the knock on Emry coming out of college? Or was it a “draft for immediate need” vs. “draft best possible player” debate?

I have to say, I’m envious of Saskatchewan’s ability to field a stable of high-quality Canadian receivers. I’d love to have even one young receiver like Fantuz on my team, let alone a cadre of Fantuz, Bagg, and Getzlaf.

I think it was the "player vs need" debate, but there was certainly a vocal minority who were negative about the prospect.

Right you are. Add Jason Clermont to that Rider list as well. . . and what do the Als’ have behind Cahoon? Desriveaux and Deslauriers. Fantuz/Getzlaf/Bagg/Clermont sure beats Cahoon/Desriveaux/Deslauriers, however much I may rate Cahoon the best of the lot.

yeah but cahoon isnt actually canadian regardless of what tsn says and regardless of what the rules state.

canadian wise fantuz, bagg, paris jackson… are about as good as it gets. <-- ben cahoon born in UTAH.

he’s technically american.

Your understanding of citizenship amuses me.

No, by the rules, he's TECHNICALLY Canadian.

Anyway, tempest in a teapot. Canadians after all are just immigrants with seniority.

Listened to Taman on a media scrum. When asked, Taman said that he did not talk to Barrett. Said Danny's hard to get a hold of.

Cahoon is a NON-import because he lived long enough in Canada, during his formitive years, to get the designation.

I like your take, MadJack. That's a witty response!

I'm not just a pretty face. . .