Grace Released By Stamps

Can't believe the Stamps released LB John Grace. I think he is one of the best LB in the CFL but I guess the Stamps don't think so or maybe some Stamps fans can shed some light on this.

I'm sure he'll find a new team and I would love for it to be in BC. Kidd is getting on in age so maybe Grace could be a replacement. Grace, Floyd and Glatt. That would be awesome.

My 3 favourite LB in the CFL have to be Grace, Hunt and Simpson. Floyd is starting to become a favourite as well.

ya i agree, grace is a good linebacker, i think hed olidify our linebacking corps to. grace/ockimey simpson and charlton/hebert would be very nice. assuming we get a good canadian safety that is.

...SOMETHING....went very very wrong for Grace in cowtown....maybe they just think he dosen't have it anymore....too bad...i know another team will definitely give him a shot :thup: :wink:

I don't understand that move. Red, Whats going on?

I'd take Grace in a heartbeat. Like Lionbacker, he would replace Carl Kidd very well!


Actually, could somebodt sign him now? Like I mean like Saskatchewan, BC, To, Montreal?

No, rosters are frozen after the trading deadline. I think only practice roster guys can be activated.

hmm ty

Come on!
Frozen rosters? In the CFL? That would imply rules...and...and enforcement....and...

Anyway, if there is a rule, it might be something once the playoffs start, but certainly the Riders have signed and played guys since the trade deadline passed.
I think Calgary has as well. In fact, the guy who replaced Grace was only in his 2nd game.

So, while it is unclear as to whether a team, say the Riders, could play Grace in the play-offs, I am fairly certain they could sign him.
He would need to clear waivers first, plus I doubt the Riders are interested at this time.
But he is only 29 years old and he will be somewhere next year.

Man, I'd love him in Montreal.

The Argos just signed two guys off the street as injury replacements. So I think Grace would be free to sign with any of the other CFL teams as soon as he cleared waivers. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong.

Everybody would love him on there team, unless of course you are Calgary.

I have a feeling Grace will end up in Edmonton.

I love Grace but the truth is his play on the field
wasnt what we've come to expect from him. He had a
hamstring injury that seemed to slow him up a step
or two.

With this new salary cap youve got to spend your money more
wisely then in the past and Stamps mangement has decided
their money can be better spent elsewhere.

He was released early out of respect for him acting so professionally during what was a tough year for him personally. (being benched)

The Leos signed White just a couple of weeks ago, and played him.

Yes, honestly, there are barely rules against the Riders trading Edmonton a draft pick for Tucker and playing him on Sunday....

Wasn't it in the first week of the playoffs last year that the Als released Kevin Johnson and signed Grant Steen?

Oops, maybe I'm wrong, maybe its just trades that are frozen.

Anyone else can help here?

Trades are frozen.
And a few modifications were made to the rules regarding trades and the deadline after the "Smo/Ti-cat trade" last year to prevent that type of thing.

Riders have 3 or 4 free agents in their backfield, Depending on what happens in Regina he may even end up there.