Grace lands in Montreal

Out of all the teams I wanted to see Grace play for is the Als. This guy will be a plus for my second favorite team. Good Luck John you are one class act.

I guess he'll be known as "Jean Grawce" now...

or not...

...good for '05 said Class Act all the way, the guy totally understands the 'no I in TEAM' concept and will bring great veteran leadership to the Als D....

Grace is one opposing player Ive always liked to watch. Its good to see one the better linbackers in this league catch on with another team.

I’m excited that we’ve landed this guy. I always admired his tough play in Calgary. He’s more versatile than Butler and does better in pass coverage.

I was kind of hoping he would come to Saskatchewan... I didn't honestly think it would happen, but I was hoping... lol!

He is an absolute force and I don't get why the Stamps gave up on him halfway through last season and now.
What's the explanation Red in cowtown?

I don't understand Calgary letting him go either. Glad he ended up in the East, not the West.

...I beleive it was an age, numbers and dollars game that saw Grace leave here....

....when the season began John was a solid starter (along with Clark, Coe and K. Abdullah) but as the season rolled on the coaches say he lost his edge, wasn't performing quite like the '05 all star we were used a shake up they replaced him with Cornelius Anthony and Anthony perfomed well....I think Can Yeow got some time in there too but was injured early any case, what happened was there were a few younger, less expensive players really pushing Grace in practice and when it came time to fill out the game day roster Higgins and crew had to make a choice....add to this mix the fact Grace was making top dollar for a LB and with the impending cap and all JG became expendable....does he still have the Right Stuff?....probably and this move will find him playing well Sporty said too, thank goodness it's in the east and not in our Division....

Nice, an aging Als squad just got a little older and slower.

I dont think age matters in the CFL, Some of the best players are older players.
Good for the ALs

Your right, age doesnt matter, as long as you still have some wheels, speed in the CFL kills.


But there is an "M" and an "E" :lol:

Anyway, I'm sad to see him leave Calgary, I really liked him, he is a class act and a solid player. But Montreal is a team that I like, and yes, at least he's not in our division.