Grab a piece of History!

currently, the only item on the CFL shop, if the Gades (Heaven forbid) change their name next year, you can proudly say that you bought the last gades item (a banner flag) on the CFL shop.

If I was a gades fan, I wouldn't miss this opportunity!

That's interesting. But when I and Gades' fans were in Hamilton at end of July, I believe someone said Hall of Fame still had some stuff left.

I bought an original red Gades' cap at game for only $10.

Whole biz of naming or renaming team w/b interesting and will elicit a lot of debate and emotion.

Personally, I can't see a return to "Rough Riders" even apart from obvious two teams with same name argument.

Gades were only around 4 years before being suspended. Not like they have a history behuind them.

Still, League owns trademark, logo etc of the team and I'm sure they don't want another name change.

Fans also would be more than a bit cyncial thinking it was just another excuse for a cash grab thru marketing a new name and related merchandise.

"Renegades" is fine with me if they keep it. Some honouring of the Rider tradition mixed in wouldn't hurt --- a black R on the helmet, for instance.