Government protection of the CFL

I would support a government protective measure based on the unique cultural, institutional aspect of the CFL's Canadian heritage and value. Any such intitative would be designed to protect the CFL. God knows that the NFL is beyond harm, so it can't hurt them in any way shape or form.

When the WFL tried to come to Canada in 1974 with a team in Toronto to be called the Toronto Northmen (a singularly unimaginative nickname for a football team, but I digress), then-Prime Minister Trudeau stepped in and introduced in April 1974 the Canadian Football Act, to prevent a foreign football league from operating in Canada.

The WFL moved the proposed franchise to Memphis, and since the necessity was no longer present, the proposed Canadian Football Act was never passed into law.

Would our current federal government have the cojones to try that again?

And, perhaps more importantly, if they did want to try it, would NAFTA get in the way and prevent it?

It would be interesting to draw up a list of current Canadian businesses that have some protection behind them from the government based on culture and how that is defined. My thinking if the word 'art' is associated with the business in any way, then this is more of a cultural connotation such as Canadian magazines and the music industry. But the line between sport and art is quite blurred and actually crosses over each other IMHO.

But does it have to be just art? Is not sport a part of our history, culture and heritage? Certainly the CFL and Grey Cup are.

And it's not about welfare for the rich as you see in the U.S. when various levels of gov't build expensive stadia for super rich owners of the NFL so they can make super rich profits. The CFL is not profitable, and if it were, and if it could be with an NFL incursion, then no gov't support would be required.

I would not support any move by the government to "protect" the CFL. The Gov't. only makes money through taxes. Those taxes come from money that I EARNED. Why should I pay twice to see a game. Once for the ticket and once through my taxes. If the CFL were to fail it is the fault of the people of Canada, not the Gov't, not the NFL, the PEOPLE OF CANADA for not going to the games or supporting the teams. Quit trying to deflect the blame and WASTE MORE OF MY MONEY. Corporate welfare of any nature is a shameful waste of money.

This is not necessarily about fianncial support. What about non-financial support in the form of legislation prohibiting American football in Canada as Madjack mentioned above?

It would cost us nothing then. No taxes involved.

Furthermore it would protect tax revenues that are produced by the money spent on or by the CFL.

Should musicians who get money from the Canadian Arts Council or whatever organization it is that supports budding musicians have to pay back some of this money if they end up becoming very profitable?

Hmmm. Good question.

Very profitable? Yes.

Of course, these musicians will then feel "obliged" to do free or "at cost" public concerts at summer festivals and such, and I'm sure this is the case, hopefully anyways. But these musicians really operate as a company I think and are professional in every aspect, some anyways.

Earl's got a formula for free football!

Earl for Prime Minister!


alot of bands who do get money fromthe government are quite successful and do not have to pay it back. tragically hip still get government grants, as do bands like joel plaskett, new pornagraphers etc.

Seriously bajohnston, wow!!

Captain, I'd make a horrible Prime Minister, believe me. Thanks anwyays though, assuming you were serious. :wink:

Remember folks, his name is Earl! :wink:

Just like the wrong thinking at the CRTC the government has no buisness in deciding what forme of entertainment I chose to buy. The WFL decision was wrong and its still wrong for government to interfer

Now Earl, why do you lack self-confidence and say that you would be a horrible Prime Minister? Could you possibly be any worse than some of the ones we have had over the past several decades?

Run, Earl, Run !!

It wasn't wrong if there wasn't any respect from the people in the US and they just set up shop here without any formal discussions with the CFL. I'm not for "anything goes" in this world and to heck with anyone. Ok, I'm no business man but there should be some values in business, at least respected businesses, I hope anyways.

I understand your point ,and it's a vaild one.

However, in this case, any protectionist legislation would not prohibit a Canadian from attending or watching NFL in Buffalo or anywhere else in the U.S. The NFL would not be our Cuba. There's no hurting the juggernaut nor would there be any such intention.

It was wrong then and its wrong now. Why should there be discussion? Thats arrogant thinking on the part of the established league

Not relavent.

Beacuse if the gov't takes the initiative and is supported by the people then that's why there should be discussion. No Hitler here.