Government denying Retractable Roof is a done deal

Government denying Retractable Roof is a done deal:

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So are we gonna have anything finished for the 2010's? Sea-To-Sky won't be done in time either.

First time the Winter Olympics will have the opening ceremonies held indoors - all thanks to our government's ineptitude.

Oh the shame of it all!

First off, the new roof has nothing to do with "2010". It was always supposed to built after 2010. The Sea to Sky will be finished not only on time but actually earlier by a couple of months. In fact its pretty much done right now. So the government did just fine actually.

Ummmm not really EVM. Two parts of our winning bid for the O's were not having a roof on BC place for the ceremonies and having at least a 4 lane highway all the way to Whistler (I was just on it last weekend and it isn't going to be fully completed).

Just because they 'amended' their goals for preparation doesnt mean they didnt screw it up. - Wanna hear about the cost overruns for the Athlete Village? (It will make you feel sick if you are a taxpayer or a future one) Can anybody say Montreal: The Sequel?

Anyway..... Go Lions!

Not true. The Olympic Bid never called for anything but the roof of today. The idea to build a retractable roof came a full 2 years after the games were already awarded. So, once again, the government did just what they promised

David Braley was on CKNW and angerly denied having any discussions with Government about a "Roof".

So where the hell does Matt Sekeres dream up this stuff?

Perhaps the media makes stuff up??? Hard to believe I know.