Gotta try this........ been wondering if the Bombers offence is getting a little too predictable...though things aren't looking too shabby...Other clubs seem to throw a wrinkle in their game plan to catch the other team off guard....welllll i think we should try this.....Corey Jenkins is a former qb......he also holds for Pikula on field-goals at present....why not have Pikula fake a boot on one of those extra long attempts and let Jenkins lay out a long pass attempt instead....Never know if we flood the oppositions secondary with our quality receivers....someones going to get open...just a thought :wink:

I'm all for something like that. Our offence has been so safe and predictable for years (but to be fair, it's ALOT better this year than past years!)

I just want to see more plays that keep the D guessing and on their toes.

Even Jenkins could do some damage with his size. Why is it that we never try anything out of the ordinary. We use to fake a knee on a return and latteral to a back or the old snap down the leg to a linemen who stood there like a dummy until all the Oline had gone past. Too Bad!