Gotta' see the gold trousers @ home!!!!

I’m hopin’ the Cats not only win the next 2 games on the road (obviously) but come back for the Labour Day game wearing their gold pants with the black jerseys like they used to!

Not a fan of the red trim on them, however! It looks, well, outta’ place!

I don't know... I was a fan of the all-black. It looks threatening and intimidating. Just like a Hamilton team should look.

I like the old gold pants but not the new ones. I think they should wear the black pants all the time.

When we play on the road there is hardly any black in the uniform with the gold pants and white shirts.

Black is sleek.. black is your friend :slight_smile:

Always bet on black? :wink:

Thank goodness..At least we're debating the choice between Black and Gold.

Don't anybody dare bring up the subject of those SISSY white pants.

the new gold pants are pics of the ticats at training camp, they had nice yellow pants there ( white and black stripes down side ).

Gold pants are good for something, according to this excerpt from an interview the Saskatoon paper did with Danny Mac a couple of weeks ago:

CanWest: Recall a funny huddle moment.
McManus: During an injury timeout, I didn't go to the sidelines. I just stayed in the huddle. All of the sudden, a lineman had a puddle developing between his legs. He had a big grin on his face, letting it go. (Laughs) That's when we wore yellow pants in Hamilton. Couldn't tell.

CanWest: Crazy!
McManus: As long as it wasn't my centre.