Gotta love the Croud!

I did not go to the game, but it seems to me it sounded as if the cats were at home! I herd a Bunch of D-FENCE!!! cheering when our D was on and ALOT of oskie wee wee's! Where was the argo's fans? Good job to the cats fans who cheerd on out boys in little america!

Agreed! Good job to all the boys and gals that trekked it out there... I couldnt make it due to financial restraints. It was either go tonight or to the next home game and me and my missus would rather spend the money here in hamilton. Once again, great job to all those who attended!

I gotta agree. It was hilarious to hear oskee-wee-wee cheers in Toronto. I wonder what percentage of fans were from Hamilton?

There was probably 5% Hamilton fans.

You could hear them because they were right behind the Ticat bench where one of the main cameras were.

There were quite a few of us spread out through the place though.

The Argos fans were very quiet until the end.

5%!!!??? you have to be nuts, I was at the game in section 127 and from there when I looked to my left I seen far more yellow and black to blue. It was easily 10-15% maybe even 20% I couldnt see the 200 level on my side but we easily made up 10% of the crowd, the announced attendence was 26,000 and id say 3000 of those were cats fans easily.

My bad, you are right. There were around 3,000 of us there. I was in 237 and there weren't too many ticat fans near us.

My section (127) was packed as was the entire Ticats bench side, had this game had been against a Western opponent the attendance would've been far under 20,000 maybe somewhere along the lines of the 11,000 that were out to the Jays games this week, when they have one of the best Canadians in the league in town, what are they gonna do next week when the Orioles are in town we may see our first -10,000 fan Jays game.

who cares about the jays or baseball
what a boring sport!..
I hope the jays get less that 10 k fans..,,
move the team to the states we don't have to hear about them or watch any of their boring 'hi-lites'
it is america's past-time along with nascar..."left,left,left,left".. :lol:

The announced attendance was 26,000? OMG I'm surprised!!! Watching on TV it looked pretty empty. I figured there was 20,000 there and yes I'd say 20% looked to be in black & gold.