Gotta love Schultz

Schultz kills me. Talking about Dave Randorf listening to Duran Duran. :lol:

I don't know how many people watched this week's Roundtable but they want fans to send in bet suggestions for Schultz and Randorf. The stakes are set: if Schultz loses he has to wear his reading glasses on the air and if Randorf loses he has to basically give a disertation (written by Schultz) about how great Schultz is when introducing the panel and he has to do it 4 times. So if you have a bet suggestion email it in to I don't know if you can tweet a suggestion to them or post it on Facebook - they only mentioned email.

who can't say the word TORONTO first?

even better, take climie off the panel, put milt in there and have a bet between shultz and randorf thats as simple as who can be quiet the longest.. it's a win win for fans across the league.

to win a football game, you have to beat the other team. <-- this is what shultz brings to the tsn panel.

Oh, man, I want Schultz to win! :lol:

It's always the same four guys in the studio. How come it's never a different crew ... that's actually present at the game?

While we are on this subject, oh come there isn't 3 more Sara Os babes at EACH game roaming the sidelines?

Because it's a football game rather then one of those babe shows for pathetic losers that can't meet women in real life?

The studio show for every league is the same. NFL on Fox is Jimmy, Terry, Howie and Curt. NFL on CBS is Dan, Shannon, Boomer and JB. ESPN is, well, pretty much everyone else. Why would the studio panel rotate? Or better put, why would you expect the studio panel to rotate? No other league rotates their panel, so why should the CFL on TSN panel do it?

As far as Schultz is concerned, until he comes out and says where he heard that crap about Bruce having problems with cops in Hamilton, I have no use for him. You can't just say that stuff and not back it up. Living in Hamilton, NO ONE heard anything about this in the 2-plus years he was here, and then all of a sudden Schultz knows something that guys who cover the team day in, day out, do not? It bugged me and continues to bug me. I now am very leery of anything Schultz has to say.

Is there a ratio/import rule for the TSN crew?

This guy (John Saunders) is Canadian and does ABC/ESPN college football:

Is it an open market on TSN?

I don't have a problem Schultz. The Jock Climie guy (spelling) gets on my nerves though.

I swear, some days you sure have some odd questions..

who cares about the Ratio on a broadcasting crew!?

and btw just for the record, it's 2 Canadians and 1 American.

even when Stegall comes in for Dunigan occasionally.

They'd probably die of alcohol poisoning but I'd like to see the entire panel do a shooter every time Rod Black says "Calvillo"

Is there a ratio/import rule for the TSN crew?

Ok, that’s a good one. :thup: :lol:

It's funny because it's true.

Anyways, I like Dunigan and Schultzy. Climie's and Black are ok. Stegal however comes across as robotic to me. I'd like to see Duane Forde have a chance at the round table. What would be incredible though, is if they could somehow get Pinball on the team.

I've actually enjoyed Milt Stegal commentating. I remember one time, I believe they were talking about Geroy Simon and the possibility of him breaking Stegal's record, and some clips of Stegal were going in the back. I think it was Randorf or Climie that then asked "Do you know who that is?" to which Stegal replied "Why, that's Milt Stegal, the great Milt Stegal." Really cracked me up. :slight_smile:

I kinda get what you mean by saying he's robotic, but despite that, I consider him a welcome addition to the table.