Gotta Love Markus Howell

This guy seems to be making HUGE catches every game. What an offseason pickup.

Winnipeg must be kicking themselves about letting him go & sticking him @ DB

Also the 2 things that scare me to death about this team are .....

  1. Lack of Depth on OLINE - I hate that the have no tackles on this team & we have to keep moving players out of their position into it. Sign Dittman or Burns back would solve this

  2. Lack of a MLB - Krault & Cromartie SUCK. both have no speed to run w/ rb's & receivers. Montreal game they keep completeing passes crossing the middle because Krault coudn't keep up. I would love to see Yeow, granty or Taylor put there. Plus these guys can't move quick enough to get to the corners.

Oh he isn't the only reason Taman should be kicking myself.....

1.Lack of depth on the OLine... a good comment for week 1-2 but they seem to have their act together now... And you gotta think that not all sacks are b/c of the oline. Some sack are coverage sacks. The oline did pretty damn well vs the stamps. Joseph had good time to work.

The thing I'd say is that Joseph needs to get the green light to take off with the ball more often. This will really open things up for the O.

Pride is the most important thing for that Oline - they have something to prove.

  1. Middle LB - Cromartie was the best LB in camp this year. He just needs to stay healthy. Krault is an amazing positional LB, he's the equivalent to Redden with the Sens. Not flashy but effiencient...

My fears are - 1. Kellet - that guy needs to be automatic with his FG's. The CFL is all about the kicking game. You need to score when you are looking for a FG.

  1. Injuries and depth at key positions. Look @ Sask. They have as many injuries as the Gades has last year and still look at them. They are the best team in the league at the moment... Why? depth. Do the Gades have that much depth? Nope.

  2. Play calling - we had success vs Calgary but once teams start watching our tapes they will notice that we don't have that many types of Running Plays. And they will shut us down b/c of that... IF the Gades are less productive in Rushing... Our passing game will suffer...

Those are my concerns.

Good Points

Play calling is 100 times better now that Paopao isn't doing it.

I think the line played great lately but there is no depth - imagine if Hudson OR St Germain goes down - yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do diagree w/ the MLB - Krault is brutal he can't run w/ receivers or RBs & if you watch the guy gets pushed downfield on run plays. I have never liked Cromartie I would like an actual skilled MLB on this team like when we had Grace or Dave Thomas - hopefully Yeow can develop into that

Also on Play calling - they have to let Joesph run vs Esk that will slow the pass rush & move the pocket around. When watching Esks you see that the ends don't watch for screens & bootlegs much they bee-line for the ball

Wait until Crance Clemons is ready & Syniker Taylor is no longer too fat to play - Watch out! Also would like to see what Ka'ron Coleman can bring (no disrepect to #30)

howell is doing wel for you so far. i really don't think the blue and gold are too bothered about it though because he never did anything while he was here to suggest we should keep him. drover and howell were equal as receivers. drover was better than howell, while only slightly, as a db and so we kept him. maybe he just didn't work in our system. could be. then again apparently our whole offense doesn't work in our system. could it be the system??

I know as soon as they turned Howell around the team lost lost lost..
Howell was part of Jones big year(s) and he made the best catch I have ever seen two years ago right by the goal post in the air. It was outstanding.

I was so glad he got a chance again to show he was NO DB.shame on you Daily.

I agree with your comments on Kralt. I was originally pretty critical of him, but I've been impressed in watching him. He is deceptively fast for his size and is solid positionally. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for with awareness.

Cromartie couldn't have been the best LB in camp this year, he spent almost the entire camp competing at the DE position. He bacame an option at LB when Tony White (who played almost all of camp at MLB) proved to be a disappointment and Cromartie lost out at the DE position to A.C Collier. The Gades rewarded his work ethic and team-first attitude by moving him to LB - where he had played before in College and in spot duty last season.