Gotta love Ivor Wynne Stadium!!

Just going through a couple of the threads and reading about a new stadium and/or a renovated one.

I can't help but think of how awesome it is to see a game at that stadium. I've been to a number of baseball stadiums, a few football stadiums and a bunch of hockey arenas...none, save for Chicago Stadium, compare to the mighty Ivor.

When you walk through the concourse areas, even with the recent updates, it feels like a classic stadium. The skeleton beams, the cinderblocks...then the smells and sounds of football. That din of people discussing the game loudly, or chanting and cheering while lined up for the washrooms.

The good naturedness of everyone and honest atmosphere make you comfortable--and, willing to get into the spirit of it all.

The proximity to the field of all the seats makes everyone feel a part of the game. Even up a the back of Sec 20 (or is it 21), you know that if you yell loud enough, that QB can hear you. The sidelines being so close to the fans enhances this even more. It's the perfect recipe for atmosphere--fan involvement.

I know that the honesty and relative hard-nosed nature of the fans makes the atmosphere, but the stadium is what allows them to feel involved. No matter where I'm sitting, if a referee blows a call, everyone is lettin' him have it!

I also love the atmosphere down in the horseshoe, nice and close to the endzone crazies. The place just explodes when the Cats score down there-- or the roar of a goal line stand makes you shiver. Not to mention the verbal lashing that the ejected visiting plaers take as they walk to the dressing room! Or, conversely, the mandatory standing ovation our ejected players get for fighting the good fight.

Anyway,,,I could go on and on. Just hope that the roar at Ivor Wynne continues for a long, long time.

I love Ivor Wynne. May she never be replaced!!!

i tend to agree

I don't agree, all you people have to wake up and smell the darn coffee. I love the stadium, but we need a new one in a different location.
I want Grey Cups here lots of times, I want Hamilton to be known as the Grey Cup capital - and it's not going to happen at Ivor Wynn!

Personally, I'd rather enjoy every game rather than one every 9 years.

I'm talking one every 4 years, a deal could be structured with the CFL that if you build a brand new stadium, you get the Cup once every 3-4 years. This way, even if the Cats aren't very good, we have lots to look forwards to.

I agree. Just look at Skydome. It's the perfect "Grey Cup" stadium. Capacity, good location ect ect. If I had to go to Skydome to watch my football, I would not be a CFL fan. Ivor Wynne is part of the reason why most of us our so passionate about our team. The place just oozes football, tradition, atmosphere and community spirit. It's perfect. Just perfect. A perfect fit for Hamilton!

Now who has to wake up and smell the darn coffee (???)

Please everyone, can't you see that there is more to Canadian football than the TiCats, our Grey Cup is also very important, regardless of who plays in it. And why can't we make Hamilton the Grey Cup capital of Canada!

Because, we don't have a Skydome or BC Place to play it in....Thank God!

That's right, thank god. No covered stadium or bowl stadium, we are going to do it right here when the time comes, put our local architects to work and business people and political people and really make it work!

Why bother wasting the money when we have ALREADY done it right with Ivor Wynne…it’s PERFECT

I agree, perfect for Cat games but is it perfect for hosting Grey Cups? Why don't we ask our Caretaker.

Seriously, do you enjoy the seating?
I will give you the the location,views, open air, history and proximity to the field of Ivor Wynne are all wonderful.
But the place needs some serious upgrades(seating,concessions etc). It should be the Yankee Stadium/Comiskee of the CFL.
Can anyone argue with that?

Ivor Wynne Stadium is the best stadium I've been to. Sure, it needs lots of upgrades, but the atmosphere and the sightlines are second to none.

I'd rather see an IWS retrofit versus a new stadium. But, I am not going to complain if we ever got a new stadium, either. As long as they build it either downtown or in the east end. No mountain or suburbs.

I like IWS. However, I'd love to have a new stadium, with better/individual seats and parking. (I can't stand parking on someone's lawn for a football game. That's just lame).

You can still build a stadium with the feel of IWS.

I've been to the Lincoln Financial Stadium (for an Eagles game) and it was great to have my own chair & cup holder.

Yes, I seriously enjoy the seating. I'd rather sit on a bench with room to spread out, more leg room ect then be confined in those little uncomfortable plastic blue seats that they have at more "modern" stadium (such as Skydome). Is anyone with me on this one or am I alone with my love of the Ivor Benches (????)

Ivor Wynne is by far the best stadium to watch football anywhere. Ive been to Ivor Wynne, Sky dome, Taylor field, Ralph Wilson in the states, The Meadow Lands, and the great Lambeau field in the green bay and the only one that comes even close to as great a game day experience is Lambeau. What makes Ivor so great is the seating style. Your almost on the field. Most other fields your 10-15 yards back from the action. At Ivor Wynne you can actually hear the offensive coordinator if your in the front row. This close proximity makes you think your part of the action, not just a spectator watching the game like at the Sky Dome. If we could furnish both endzones with more bleachers and still keep this feeling, we'd have the best football stadium in Canada, nay, The world!

See now some people might argue that parking on someone's lawn is part of the "fun" and atmosphere of Ivor Wynne .

If you don't like it so much young Obi-Wan, why not park in one of the ample paved parking lots at Limeridge or Eastgate and take the FREE shuttle bus, it's faster then driving to the stadium!!!

Agree totally with Sec29 guy. I am 6’-3" and I cannot fit in the seats at SkyDome. Feels like I’m on a school bus…remember sitting on the wheel hump? haha