Gotta love it !!

Been a Bomber fan over 35 yrs. Used to be you couldn't find squat on the radio , tv or papers on the BBs. It was like the forgotten franchise of the CFL. Now, some of my friends who don't watch any football, are asking me questions. When I wear my Bomber hat , strangers are talking to me about what's going on in Bomberland. Almost daily there are reports from Toronto media about Winnipeg football. Even the big boys down south are talking - SI, ESPN, etc. Most of North America is talking Bombers! Now I know most of it is not positive, but imagine the media spin if Kelly can turn this into a Cinderella story come Nov. Thanks Mike.

1 question- How come some honcho from Sask. was deriding the Bombers for the Pacman signing, and the very next day they sign Armstead? Pot and kettle.

Yeah I agree. I was just mentioning on another post that the media is loving every minute of this. I know some people think Kelly is a negative, but there is no such thing as bad press (well, despite the obvious).

The more coverage you get - the more tickets that sell, the more papers are printed and sold, the more TV rating go up, etc....

Kelly is becoming a bit of a celebrity on his own (don't think that was intentional) and there will be people in every stadium across this country wanting to:

A: Get a glimpse of a football coach that they respect (yes, there are some that like him)
B: Get a glimpse of the bafoon behind the bench (I hear Regina fans on the east side are really looking forward to Sunday)

As I stated elsewhere - he's reminding me of Don Cherry! This is NOT NEGATIVE, it's just very entertaining!

Thanks for the reply Budeborton. Nobody else wants to comment on the publicity created. Someone once said" bad publicity is better than no publicity". If Kelly turns the team into a contender, nobody will remember the growing pains. He just needs time. Defence is already the best in the league, considering the amount of time they're on the field, IMO. And I like Don cherry, only one who's not afraid to tell it like it is.

I'm finding the same thing with some of my friend's,they have paid no attention to the BB or the CFL for year's,now all of a sudden they want to know more of what's going on,Some were thinking of going to a game (after 20 years)when the whole Pacman thing started,just to see him,but no Pac now mean's they dont want too,but at least they still want know whats happening,I guess it's a start.

If Berry was still coaching this team and not Kelly,I likely never would have come back to the CFL site and started posting after signing up like 2 years ago.While you never want bad press,it's better then no press at all I think,even though I hate the bad stuff.

The team may lose some fans over this so called circus season,but they may gain some more in the process,it's a different age we live in,it's kinda like that saying "sex sell's",so doe's controversy I think.