Gotta love Duane Forde

I like the TSN panel guys the most but actually none of them is on the air long enough to really annoy me. Guys like Suitor are only on for a few seconds so really, who cares?

An Argo-Cat fan

He's as generic sounding as my brother-in-law who commentates every Leaf game at home even as he's jumping off the couch during the game. Loud but Boring!!!!
Give me a Pat Marsden or Bob Brattina anyday.

Just get Gord Miller to be the B-team announcer and can Black. Problem solved. Miller has a nice smooth delivery, and even though he's not the most knowledgeable CFL broadcaster, he doesn't stumble over inanity after inanity à la Black. Listening to Miller and Forde calling the Montreal-Edmonton game last week, I thought they already had better chemistry together than Black and Forde.

The worst by far is Milt Stegall. I detest the way everybody kisses his arse, and his arrogant, self-centred commentary is below comment. Forde is legit; Dunigan is uneven, but usually trustworthy, and Chris Schultz has grown in the job to become a much-appreciated commentator, with the cachet of personal experience. Glen Suitor is a pitiful has-been, with no original or informative thoughts in his toolbox. He gets fixated on an inconsequential thought, and mines the empty pit for the whole game. Example: "horse-collar tackle". The man is a total loss as a broadcaster.

Forde is very well spoken, Matt Dunnigan has come along way with his speach since his devastating concussion. :thup: Kudo's to Matt. IMO hamilton's Mike Morieli(sp) should be the next good play by play guy on TSN.


Or if you insist we'll trade you Gus Johnson for Don Cherry and 2 cases (2-4s) of some fine local Canadian beer?

How about Uncle Milty he's for us. :roll: :oops: