Gotta love Duane Forde

His comments and one liners are hilarious. In the Esks game referring to the late substitution of Brown into the play, " when you weigh 295 lbs, it's hard to be inconspicuous".

In the Cats game he made a comment about one of the Cats defenders laying his hands all over Burris so much, that he should be taking him out for dinner afterwards.

This guy kills me.

forde is ok. its obvious he wears a ticats jersey under his suit tho.

but suitor obviously wears a rider jersey
shultz a argo jersey
dunigan a wpg jersey
climie an als jersey

my fav commentators on tsn

  1. cuthbert (just unbiased) 2. dunigan (good color guy, being a former qb and host of his own cooking show, just knows how to explain things nicely ) 3. forde (his one liners are good but he's normally stuck doing games i dont pay much attention too)
  2. gord miller (good play by play guy)

cant stand suitor at all, his rider love fest really sickens me..
climie just.. he wasnt as good as he thinks he is

and shultz.. well, he's ok too but.. doesnt commentate on games.

Your right Killer Glenn Suitor is terrible I wish they would get rid of him. I use to like Chris Walby not the most articulate but I liked him

The best thing about Walby was his honesty, he never sugar coated anything, never made excuses for a player and often complained about bad play calling or anything he didn't like. All these announcers act like they're best budies with pretty much every coach and every player and are scared to say anything negative about pretty much anything, even refs.

And some Tiger Cats do not deserve to wear a jersey.

Can't say I've ever noticed Duane Forde's supposed Tiger-Cat love, and I think Chris Schultz is completely unbiased. He played for the Boatmen, but I don't see him stumping for them like, say Suitor does for the Riders. Now that is obvious. People liked Chris Walby? C'mon! Everything out of his mouth was about the O-line. No one ever did anything that was due to how great the team's O-line was. It got old very fast.

Chris Cuthbert, however, is a great PBP man.

I like Forde, he's getting more comfortable in his role all the time and his speech is more natural now and flowing compared when he started when it looked like he was waiting to just say the right thing and it was forced.
Cuthbert is great no question and Schultz is great. Suitor has his moments but Forde is getting that twinge of humour as you say Wallace which I think is super, it's a good funny.

Really like Gord Miller on play-by-play, much preferred to Rod Black

Forde's facial hair looks like it could use some "Just for Men". His beard is weird!

the worst is climie, he hates on us like there is no tomorrow, he is so bias its sickening, im always so surprised wen he says somthing positive for us, he even looks a little surprised after to hes like "did i really just say that :expressionless:"

he is inlove with the alouettes and is just bitter bout never winning the cup

hes the worst by far

I agree Forde is steadily improving. I also like the fact he knows alot about college ball and shares it with the viewers.

I can put up with all of them except that wind bag they call Glen Suitor.

I know he is going to ramble on after every play so I keep the mute button handy.

Agreed :lol:

Gord Miller is the best play-by-play guy, they need to get him doing a game every week.

Duane Ford and Rod Black are great together. You can tell Rod Black is a ticat fan.

sorry ...dont mean to offend here...but all I can tell is Rod Black is terrible at play by play...his over stated style is horrible to listen to...he is the worst broadcaster in sports..Cuthburt is class

since Rod Black is a mediocre announcer how about getting Mike Hogan into the booth at TSN. Yes I know he does the Argo broadcasts but I can see an improvement there with Hogie behind the microphone

Yea, no kidding! :roll:

Chris Cuthburt is GREAT!

I'm sure that there are people in "TV land" who have noticed Mike Hogan on radio and I'll bet he would do a GREAT JOB TOO.

I still say Bob Brattina has a lot of knowledge and insight about the history of the CFL to to along with his ability to draw the listener in with his voice and personality. A Pat Marsden type, who was great btw. Brattina loves the CFL and definitely keeps up with the current team and the CFL doing interviews on his CHML show all the time. Too bad we don't have Brattina on TSN instead of a Rod Black.

Two Words....

Gus Johnson

Problem Solved!

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