Gotta love American

Well, last week an Orlando reporter had the Ottawa Rough Riders playing in the playoffs against Calgary......

And now, word out of Somewhere, U.S.A has the Grey Cup being played this week with Montreal as one of the participants after already winning the East....,1249,650205420,00.html

"This week, he'll help lead the Montreal Alouettes to the Grey Cup after winning the Eastern Division Championship of the Canadian Football League"


Your right about the first part

last line says second round game grey cup game. If they advance......

So I do think he knows there is a 3rd round.

either that or he thinks very little of the argo's chances...

i like the guy already :smiley:

Ah well, an article nonetheless on a player, good enough for me. I'll grant him pardon for his sins - this time anyway. 8)

It's just semantics. He's saying Cahoon will lead the Als to (INTO) the Grey Cup, when (IF) they win the Eastern division Championships.

As secret-agent points out his last line says "Cahoon's Montreal squad meets Toronto on Sunday in their second round Grey Cup game. If they advance, this local guy they call Velcro Hands will be a big reason why it gets done." So it's obvious he knows what's happening, even if uses different terminology.

Why do we crave attention from Americans, then love to ridicule them when they don't get it just right when they DO cover us?

It's not really ridicule Tuck, we sort of expect this and want this really from America, sort of helps define us better as to who we actually are here. It just wouldn't be the same if they always got information correct about us, I would be disappointed. Sort of like CFL haters out there, I would miss them if they didn't bash this or that about our league. I'm sure Leaf fans feel the same, I've seen an increase in Leaf bashing lately and I'm sure those Leaf fans out there (fortunately I'm not one!) would miss it if there was no bashing.

I don't crave attention from the US or their reporters. If they're interested, that's nice. If not, it doesn't bother me at all. I like the CFL, and I like the "C" in the CFL. It's our game, our league. I don't want to see us expand there,I doubt it would be successful. They don't know our game, or care about it. Why should they? They have their own. I look forward to the Grey Cup game, it should be great as it usually is.

:thup: I could have wrote that myself....with one small exception...being from the Sarnia -Windsor -Detroit area and having watched Many football games at the Silverdome...I think a "Windsor-Detroit" CFL franchise would really thrive!

Now before anybody jumps all over that...please "go look at a map"! Then bear in mind that the "Detroit Lions" havn't exactly been exciting for such a long time!