Gotta hand it to Carl Kidd.

In speaking to the press he spoke about his coming to McCallum’s aid and throwing the uppercut. He likened it to a brawl in the bar and coming to a teammates defense. Kind of reminds me of the early 70’s when Nettles, Magrum,and Wester suited up for the Lions. Kidd is a throwback to that time.

Carl Kidd rules. Nobody seems to consider him. Good thing for us bad thing for the other team.


Carl Kidd got kicked off the vikings for Fighting Randy Moss, he is as real as it gets

Contract talks he learned he was on the down side of his career....hats off to him, he sucked it up, and looks to be the true leader on that team, learn from him boys...coming to the aid of PM, was just another sign that there is still fight in the old man.