Gotta go for two! Maybe , in OT ....

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Not Thrilled same OT Format ... It Really Needed to Change back to 1 Full Quarter.
The Change there Maybe is making Team go for Two on a Touchdown..

:oops: It this make no Difference Really ..

If it the 2ND Time Each Team has the Ball

If 1 Team kicks A Field goal 1st and other Gets a Touchdown
it would still be over.

How Disappointing CFL Fans Have no Vision. :thdn:

It's a wierd solution but I kind of like it. Puts a lot of pressure on the second team to get in the endzone twice if the first team converts. I thought the old system was pretty good but they said 75% of fan suggestions wanted some kind of change so I guess most others didn't.

Not a 'fix' to OT by any means, but definately a step in the right direction.

US college football has had this rule in place for a few years...too many 9-10 possession OT's, so they decided that teams HAD to go for 2 after the second possession...seems to have worked, though it's killed my Fighting Irish 3 times.

What I DON'T like is using this system in the playoffs...I appreciate how the NHL wants to end regular season games in a reasonable amount of time, but they still use 5-on-5, regular format OT in the playoffs (can't believe I am actually using the NHL as an example of a league that does something right!). That's why we need to keep the 15 minute, sudden-death format for the playoffs. I loved the Montreal-Esks playoof Grey Cup, but HATED the fact that the "shootout" format was used.

Now that's an Interesting idea......

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I am of the same opinion that Wally Buono expressed in this article

that it`s a good idea to make a two-point convert mandatory after an overtime TD

"Because extra points are so automatic, and two points are not automatic."

It emphasizes the urgency of scoring quickly like the old sudden death format.

Back then though, players had to play 5 or 15 minutes of overtime
which increased the number of opportunities of them getting hurt.

This gets all the players off the field quickly.

I really like these 2 proposed rule changes

...ignoring pass interference on uncatchable balls

...reducing the no-yards penalty from 15 to 5 yards
in cases where a punted ball hits the ground,

then hits a player on the cover squad.

This has to be one of the stupidest rules the CFL has ever come up with. Sometimes I think they're deliberately just trying to confuse American fans.

I say eliminate the PAT…period.
I think 1 was missed or something all last year.
Move them back, make them go for two.
I mean when Troy Westwood makes 661 consecutive PATs it is pretty much a waste of time!