Gotta go after Printers.......BIG TIME!

If Printers is available, the Cat's had better pursue him.
Maas will be back and if he struggles again the whole season will be lost. My game plan would be to have a Printers here (if at all possible), and keep Eakin and Williams to groom. The young guys are only twenty-four and twenty-three respectivly.
Let's make sure we have a backup plan in case Maas can't come back to his previous form, from his Edmonton days.
This league requires a impact player at the QB position. I'm not sure who the free agents are, but boy, ever other signing means nothing if we don't have a quality QB. :cowboy:

I would want to do a major league attitude check on Mr. Printers first. I don't say this just because of what the papers say but also because of the things he had on his website when he was in BC.

The current website is toned down (this time full of typos and writing errors but that's a different matter) but I'm still wary after the locker room problems we may have had.

Hey Mark,

Yeah, I realize that (re: the comments), but the guy is the outstanding player in the league and he doesn't get to start in the big one.....that would certainly someone off. It'd be different if he didn't earn the right to start. When your team doesn't show confidence in you, then you most certainly don't want to be there.

I see that. I guess he's more of the current 'I'm the best' type that seem to be so common in American sporting circles. It bothers me though as that usually doesn't end up providing a lot of team leadership and cohesion. Perhaps a great player CAN carry a team without that but usually that's not the team I root for.

He IS a great player for the CFL game. With the right attitude he could aim at a lot of records.

Yeah, hopefully he's matured, because if not, it'd be a shame to see all that talent go down the sewer.
We're still going to need a impact QB coming in for Plan B. We mustn't annoint Maas the starter unless he earns it.....that cost us big time....this year.

regards :cowboy:

Great player or not, the QB tends to be a team leader that being said there is no room for ego's and attitude. They rally the players they keep up team morale. Printers carries with him a really swollen head and a bad attitude.

It sucks to lead the team all season only to be taken out of the equation when Dickenson returned but you grit and bare it suck it up. He didn't need to make his feelings about it public. If he displays the traits of leadership and can curb that NFL Terrel Owens attitude, I think Hamilton could be a good fit for him.

I'll never understand why the league MVP in 2004 never got to play a down in the Grey Cup that year


I'd be very surprised to see Printers anywhere near the CFL as long as he can sit on an NFL practice roster and make more money.

I would be very careful looking at an EX-BC quarterback.
Great receivers, great system.
We would probably have to over-pay both financially, and player wise.

There is no end to the stable of successful BC QBs.
Printers, Dickenson, Pierce, even Wynn looked good enough to warrant a first round pick from Winterpeg.

Printers looked to be a great CFL QB, but how good???

This has been said at nausium but I will say it again, "On paper we have a great receiving core"

Ralph - Young and will only get better
Vaughn - Speedy vet
Flick - Great player when he is utilized
Peterson - Has come a long way

We just need a good Offensive coordinator to get the Offence kicking. I mean we saw how strong coaching showed results with Coach Sal coming in and vastly improving the O-line.

Printers if he still has what he did in BC, minus Geroy Simon who could make any QB look amazing, could still put up impressive numbers with the receivers we carry.

I can see it now... DJ Flick could be the East Geroy Simon

I seldom have an opportunity to disagree with my good friend Borehamgirl... :twisted: ...she must have had a brain cramp... :o ...
However, my information is that the NFL practice roster pays about 85,000 US and if he is added to the roster his salary would be slightly under 300,000 US.
With the Canadian dollar being predicted to be on par with the US dollar by next year and Printers probable starting price in the CFL at 400,000 plus signing bonus. His only reason for staying in the NFL would be he just doesn't want to play in the CFL.
Of course we all know who besides Hamilton would be in the bidding for his services.

Because Printers was injured, while Dave Dickenson was healthy. And Dickenson is hardly a slouch, having won the MOP award the year before. And he had far more experience than Printers.

You don't have to agree with the decision, but that was the reason.

Does anyone really think Printers is dumb enough to want to play here?? Being a QB in Hamilton is one of the 3 worst jobs on the planet (the other 2 worst jobs are also members of the Ticat organization. My condolences to whoever we bring in here after we get rid of Maas.

if he comes back to the cfl, I sure do you hope you guys get him. Not that I wish you ill will, just anywhere for printers is better than back in BC stirring up more trouble.

Don't cloud the issue with facts. :stuck_out_tongue: He's got a better shot of making it down there from an NFL practice roster than he does from playing on a CFL team. Perhaps money wouldn't be the reason based on the figures you provided (I never do my own research) but that alone would be reason enough for Mr. Ego to stay out of the CFL.

Yeah, the last thing the Lions need while building a dynasty is a 3 quarterback squabble as a distraction.

To those knocking Printers ego... you are a way off track.


To those knocking Printers ego... you are a way off track.
As I said in my original post, I was only going by Casey's original website. If you have other information that helps us to see him in a different light then that would be quite welcome. Thanks!

Too many people see a problem with CP that just wasn't there. If CP is on a team where he is the acknowledged starter, he'll do fine, even if injured and not playing. All he needs is the confidence that it is his team, and he'll fire on all cylinders.

That, and a bit of maturity will make him an outstanding QB in the CFL...on ANY team.

I am happier with Pierce