gotta give it to the rider faithful

20 secs left in the game and they stil cheering Here we go riders......

Gotta wonder if any of them were sober enough to know the score or the time :lol:

If they where enjoying the game - I would say Not lol :cowboy:

They are in the playoffs, correct? Anything can happen.

I was at the game yesterday and I was shocked at how quiet the Rider fans were.

Of course they didn't have much to cheer about, but I really thought the self-appointed "greatest fans in the CFL" would have done more than get drunk and sit on their hands.

I bet a lot of them were doing a slow burn inside about how poorly the Riders played yesterday. Our special teams and run D let us down again, it seems to be a recurring nightmare. NO adjustments were made... the coaching is letting the Riders down as well, no matter how much Suitor tries to sugar coat it.

We're gonna need a miracle come Nov 14th

Any team that writes the 'riders off based on this latest performance is destined to lose.

What's a "gaithful"? :wink:

Gopher and faithful = gaithful :lol: :lol:

Precisely.Any team can have a 2 or 3 game win streak to take it all.

I was at the game too.. Rider fan.. cheered for them when they had the ball, cheered for them when they didnt.. Not much to cheer about tho.. and by the way.. Only thing I drank was a hot chocolate.. and only hot chocolate...

If you're referring to the girl that was so very vocal on the telecast, I'd say sobriety was long gone by then.

I guess some of the Rider fans were so 'up' at the start of the game that they were being very rude and abusive to the fans around them. These same 'fans' snuck out and left their signs behind later in the game.

Every team has 'jerk fans' and the Riders are no different at all!

Riders have the most rude fans and rudest fans. They were throwing food and beer cans at my wife after the game when Calgary beat them in calgary. They were saying things to my kid that would make a trucker blush. This the reason i would never cheer for the riders or respect the Fan base. They say those fans are few and far between but it's the only ones I ever meet

This from a guy who's blogging name is canadianHOTHEAD? Gee, we'll take your comments with a grain of salt. Are you SURE it wasn't you they were yelling back at? I assume YOU picked hothead for a reason. Anyone who lumps the entire fan base together because of 'apparently' some drunk losers can't be taken seriously in any discussions. Interesting how these Rider fans (all of them according to hothead) are causing problems in the Stamps home stadium. Perhaps the innocent Stamp fans are mixing it up a bit? Perhaps we should call you CanadianREDNECK and all the their fans "rednecks". Ooops, We know there are no Rednecks in Alberta, HOW could I just lump all 2 million people together? I apologize. Next time I'm at electric avenue I look forward to the we behaved Alberta crowd at 2:30 am, LOL.
PS: we don't need or want your respect. I only do that for people Worthy of such action.

I was at the game as well and the eskimo fans were no better. Not only rude to the Rider fans but rude to their own fellow fans as well. I guess idiots come in all shapes sizes and jersey color! lol


The Calgary radio stations were all saying similar things to what I did. Pretty pathetic to judge someone by an Internet name. I guess if riders fans think it's classy to throw food at women and swear at kids for wearing a stamps jersey then all the power to ya. I done care if people call us albertans red necks. I work in the patch and live in a small town. So I guess that fits me. And yeah it mainly is the rider fans causing problems at those games. It's why extra poliece are brought in for those games. Wether or not you want yo admit it, the rider fans have more bad apples. Most likely since they have way way more fans the all other teams. But of corse I must be mistaken... No rider fan would get drunk and be adore Luza

I was at an Eskimos game wearing my stamps gear and I gotta be honest they were some of the nicest people. A couple jones about missing my turn at red dere but a much classier bunch then I was expecting. Winnipeg fans this year I found to be really knowledgable at the games. Thru represent even when the team isn't playing. Pretty rad.

I had a run-in with a Rider fan the last time they were in Hamilton. He wasn't a jerk, but we was obnoxious. Any play that the Riders made, even something as insignificant as a three-yard run, was worthy of a full-on stand and cheer. He treated it like it was the greatest play ever. Then, any play that went against the Riders, was the most egregious thing to ever happen. He did it for the whole game. Even his family was embarrassed. He looked like actor Ed Helms so we called him Andy Bernard (Helms's character on The Office) the entire game. Again, he wasn't a jerk, but he was annoying.

Why does what started has an off-handed compliment to Rider fans have to always turn into a trashing of Riders fans. Why is it always people like Canadianhothead whose wives get beer thrown on them. The way you hear it on this forum that's all Rider fans do is run around throwing beer at fans of the other teams and swearing their heads off. Grow up.

Ive seen beer cans thrown at Rider fans too.. so please dont go there.. And they were thrown at one of the sweetest guys out there. He dresses up.. never swears at other fans...poses for pictures... and he is a member of the military..My boyfriends son has decided to cheer for the Riders and my boyfriend took him out one day wearing a Rider t-shirt and some guy started telling him he shouldnt be cheering for these idiots and such.. His son is 5...
I have had people stick thier hands right in my face, and clap when thier team scores, right in my face..

Every team has aholes who do stupid things.. So yea.. there is bad everywhere. I get a little annoyed with the "its only Rider fans" that do these things.. these things are usually done by drunk buffoons... not a certain teams "fans".