Gotta give credit where credit is due

I have very much in the past been critical of whomever is in charge of this site re this site. However, while there is still room for improvement re stats, forums, and gametracker, I am much impressed and satisfied with how the main page of has been for most of this year. I do not remember when I first noticed it, but the content and the new articles, stats, facts, polls, and opinions that show up almost daily if not more, is greatly appreciated by myself, and I hope many others.

Kudos and two thumbs up

as for the off topics forum. At the moment, it matters little to me as I don't post here much anymore. If I did, I would be quite sad to see that forum gone. It is too bad that people get so testy and emotional about other peoples opinions and posting styles and such.

If it were up to me, I would have separate forums for general discussion, and Religion and Politics, as I have seen work well elsewhere on sports forums. As for the overall requirement of Mods, it would be less work to mod a general non R&P forum and R&P need not be so strictly supervised. Sort of only by complaint method. It would be easier to avoid a forum than to avoid specific threads and those easily offendedcould easily just choose not to visit R&P. As for people Hating each other, people gonna Hate anyhow.

I'll second that kudos and thumbs up FYB. Much improved without a doubt!

Gonna be pretty quiet here in the offseason..

Shhhh only football talk

Right on , Dawg. Think of those cold January nights (up here) when all the fans can only think about Xs and Os and draft picks. The wires will be buzzing with activity.
Well, at least no one will get offended.... Tis' such a humourous vagary.

I might add as well that it seems like Sully is making a much better effort than anyone before him even if I do not agree with everything

Kudos Sully, much appreciated

Thanks! I've been a forum user and/or moderator since 2001, so this place is definitely a bit of a prized project for me. :slight_smile:

Regarding - I've been pretty pleased with the progress we've made in the last year. The league had exactly zero technical staff before I was hired in 2015, and so it took a while to get the right team (web developers and system administrators) and the right processes (once a week meetings to discuss what's up next for the website, twice a month meetings with editorial staff to see what's on their mind, regular meetings with the teams, the commissioner...) in place.

We put something out there, measure its usage, tweak, and loop through that process until it's as optimized as we can make it.

VERY well done Sully. Cheers

What I would like to know, and thanks sully for all your work and effort, is the forums, do these forums have any real importance in the total landscape of "social media" as "out there" at least on the North American social media landscape?

I haven't the foggiest.

The forums are pretty irrelevant as far as factoring in to where people converse online in North America. I don't think that's really a bad thing - I think that in 2017, the point of forums is to be able to get extremely in-depth on a topic. Facebook is really bad at that, and on Twitter it's impossible. Reddit's not too bad in this respect, actually.

So I think here the strategy for this site is to encourage exactly that - encourage insanely in depth conversation about football. Getting individual teams other than the Ticats to jump on board with that strategy will be key too.

So sully, if it's all about football, why then do you put Movie Reviews back on? Seems terribly inconsistent with that statement. Again, maybe I'm missing something...

Hey, state your or the league bias with this, just be upfront and transparent which doesn't seem to be the case I'm afraid.

I just thought it’d be a nice thing to do considering how much work KevinRiley put into that thread. Honestly didn’t think about it much past that.

And like others didn’t put much in their threads that they started? Come on man, you can do better than that. Hey, just say it’s a “benign” topic compared with politics or religion or climate change. That would be probably a bit more closer to the truth I’d say. Even go out on a limb and say such and such topics will be allowed. That again is more transparent than that weak excuse you just tried to pass off on us. Not saying you need to disclose all of what you know, that’s fair enough, but man, come on, you can do better.

Sorry dude, it really was that simple. It was a 71-page thread that he put an almost singular focus on. Because of that effort and because of how benign the topic was, I thought I'd let it stay available. I thought it was a nice gesture.:-\

Ok, I think I'm outta here...

No disrespect sully in the least.

Cheers to the absent poster list Aerial

Part 3 Sully

I wish to apologize publically to you for past animosity and insults.

I am 62 and sometimes I still need to grow up.