Gotta appreciate dunigan

total great cfl guy. love the way he subtly chides miller for talking about hockey during cfl game.

way to go matty :thup: :thup: :thup:

I usually like Dunigan in the booth.
I think that he and Miller should be regulars on broadcasts, replacing Black and Forde.
But Matty seemed rather gnarly tonight overall.
Wasn’t crazy about that and hope he returns to form.

Maybe he was stressed about doing a late game then a long flight to his daughters wedding the next day .

There was another portion of the game when Miller commented on Americans in the CFL celebrating 2 Thanksgivings.
Dunigan hit back with a " Gord , that is getting old. You have mentioned that for the past 35 years " Or something like that.

Maybe they should pair Dunigan with Black during Ottawa games.
He can tell Black to stop mentioning Rough Riders and Renegades history. ( he does it every game )

Maybe Dunigan can stop Black from repeating "the year of the backup Quarterback" :roll: :roll: