Gotta admit. I'm a little excited about the new guys!

The more this deal settles in, the more i see potential. Dare i say this could even improve Masoli?

I'm very excited. Williams will be trying extra hard to win back some fans. That's very interesting to me. I think it's gonna work out for him.

I’m excited about this ,especially the game in Montreal next Friday night !
Good trade ,hopefully for both teams , Masoli would perform the same regardless I feel .
With the added receiver Williams though his performance improves .
Formula for QB success = OL play +Runny Back play/blocking + Receivers play + QB play

I'm excited for both, We all know exactly what Williams brings.
But, NAT DE Westerman just became the team leader in sacks(3)
and is tied for 3rd with Mike Daly in tackles(19) behind Dean(27) and Simoni(26) :slight_smile:

I know the Rb's missed Williams side line toss on the run which resulted in big yak .

This one go to play caused havoc on defences .