GOTC1's Law

GOTC1’s Law states that as an online argument on Ticat’s forum grows longer and more heated, it becomes increasingly likely that somebody will bring up Terrell Sinkfield. ;D

We might have priced Sinkfield right out of our market all by ourselves. Sink can demand an extremely high price for his services simply by directing Tillman to this forum. The number of times his name has been mentioned by fans yearning for his return can be used as a negotiating tactic.

The heat is on Tillman now. Pay up for Sinkfield or else THF concourse will be empty. ;D :wink:

I don’t think Tillman even cares. But its nice to know someone named a law after me.
Thanks old Buddy!

krisiun, are you related to Masoli?

Uh, this thread is about Sinkfield. ;D

I’m thinking about making a Garneys Law which states how many times can I post before Garney asks me if I’m related to Masoli. ;D

Imagine being related to Sinkfield.? Man, that would be so awesome.

Comment completely unrelated to anything or anyone:

Does anyone think that someone who assumes the name of an all-time great Ticat player should be forced to relinquish the username if he/she can’t uphold the level of class that said player is known for?

Who told you I was considering changing my username to Crash_KDWilliams...

Maybe he should change it to Adriano Belli. ;D

I knew it!!?

I think everyone should be required to use their real name. The only people who do that are Rev. Clark and me.

What about Grover?

My name is not Grover, and I’m a Cataholic. :-[

In real life I am a Dog Lover. :o (My Dog is my best buddy)

Does that make me bad?? ???


How do you know that Bob(o) isn't my real name ? 8)'s a clue for ya....It's Not (OR IS IT ? ) What about Grover you say ? Hows about......

Only if you are neglecting you’re dog by constantly posting on here. ;D

My middle name is Garney but i wear #15. Does that make me mediocre?

we will give the last word to Garney on this thread. Threads about other members of the board rarely end well

The mods

And here I thought all along Grover was named after the sesame street charcter. :o

Yes! :wink:

My name is Pat and I am a travel agent. :slight_smile:

Actually Grover's real name is Yoda . 8)

“Yes Mr. Fay (?),” said the obviously pseudoymous ‘Mark’.