Got to be sometime around now

Sometime over the next 6 months or so will be my 25th anniversary of posting on CFL.CA. Started on the old Fan Huddle. I have asked a couple of times if anyone still posting here was posting then as well. No affirmatives

Guess that makes me the most senior citizen here :slight_smile:


Congrats and thanks for your contribution over the many years.

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if you show up on the beach in February I will buy you a drink

Congratulations there, FYB. A true fan of our game. Kudos. :partying_face:

Certainly one of the better posters here.

Keep up the good work, FYB.

You've been posting on CFL dot ca for 25 years now?! That's amazing. In another 20 years or so I'll be a blithering idiot.

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Thanks you for the comments guys. Also for the likes.

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And I thought I was one of the site graybeards here! :smiley:

I think I only started posting around 2005, maybe a bit earlier? Memory already fading, lol...

why do old men brag about being older men?

i am just a crazy old witch who had better things to do than post here until a few months ago.

i am super bitchy this week because i cannot drink until after the grey cup. i am on some special meds for the next 10 days because i have an infection and i cannot consume alcohol while on them. f******k

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why do you see it as a brag?

Actually, living this long has been one of my greatest accomplishments since I spent most of my life wishing I had never lived.

If I am bragging about anything, it is not my age in life, but my age here :slight_smile:


thats ok, most of us go thru similar

25 years posting here is a long time. i was around 30 then.

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I was a real youngun at about 42

I can assure you that I have never bragged about being old. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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One thing I will brag about is my 40th anniversary next year. Nobody who knew me before I met my wife would have expected I could stay married more than a few years.
Only my wife could put up with me that long, What a woman.


Sorry to hear that! :frowning:

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Very impressed. A true fan

That's a shame. We'll all try to be on our best behavior for the next while to make it as easy as possible for you.*

  • The above is not a legally binding document

I see that you share my talent for changing asterisks into dots. Do it pretty well weekly.

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