Got Swig? Bombers in for rough ride in 2nd half of season

Got Swig?!? You might need some when you watch the 2nd half of the season unfold :rockin:

Given the dim-witted, unimaginative play calling of Paul LaPolice and the OC, the Bombers are about to get a reality check. They are not as good as their 7-2 record indicates (recall the recent Wpg.-Ham game).

If the offense keeps sputtering, our stellar defense will begin to wear down and suffer injuries and opposing offenses will prevail on the scoreboard.

My prediction, based on PLP's delusional thinking that things are okay, is that the Bombers will finish at 11-7 and lose, probably on the road, in the Eastern Semi-final.

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What is your prediction of regular season wins for the Big Blue?

...Glad to see you have such 'balls of crystal' to predict what's going to happen the rest of the year....Just too much negativity in your take for me ...Defensively we're the best in the country :rockin: ....I don't think the recent loss alters that a great deal.... Guess we'll have to play the rest of the games to actually find out.... :wink:

I'll guess 12 - 6. But really, after 4 - 14, I'd take 11 - 7. This is only year 2 for Mack so I only see things going up from here.

I have no problem with Mack. If the running game and total offense don't get it together with the talent we have, coaches LaPolice and O-line coach Pat DelMonaco should be let go.

We have the players to go all the way this year if Pierce stays healthy and the offense gets its act together. Our defense is scary good and the special teams are as good as any other CFL special team. Their kick coverage has been excellent--I won't get into FG kicking just yet.

Pierce is a good QB but he isn't going to throw for 5,000 yards, so I wouldn't sweat it. But, he is a winner and if they can keep him healthy (with a scaled down offense) until the playoffs, that will be a major feat.

Don't let the ppor numbers fool you. LDC was just one of those games, acyually the first game all year where the Bombers didn't make any half time adjustments.

Nope, Lapo served that game up on a silver platter for his 'old granpappy'.

I am expecting a much different game this weekend, this crowd might be the loudest in the history of the old girl if the bombers start well. :rockin:

14-4 is hard for any team. 7-2 the rest of the way is unlikely, but if you think it's not possible, you probably didn't think 7-2 in the first half was possible either, and that says all we need to know.

You think 11-7 isn't even going to be enough for a home playoff game? You've gotta be kidding.

Some people may want to check out Pierce's stats in the past six games. The problem with our offense is the O-line. It'd be nice to see an effort to improve that, but I'm not really sure how we'd go about that mid-season. Maybe move LaBatte to centre and try Greaves or something. Reid.. maybe we could find a guy better suited to our offense, yes. It's definitely not Pierce or the receivers that need work. Our defense is obviously outstanding, and on special teams, as long as Tim Brown is good, we're fine.

The season isn't over because we lost a game, the offense hasn't been nearly as bad recently (apart from the Rider game) as some people like to think, and the Bombers ARE in fact as good as their 7-2 record indicates.

....We have an o lineman by the name of Kelly Butler who we haven't seen at all this year....Maybe it's time to get him into a game...I know it could be a ratio thing but might be worth the effort ,if our blocking doesn't improve up-front...We'd have to sit an import somewhere else and that could pose a problem...We should get some answers on our O line performance after Sun...One way or the other...:It's got to be better for the seond half of the season :roll:

Not that I think Butler should be sitting, I like him, but the thing is most of the problems seem to be from the interior of the O-line and especially Khan and Morley. Not really a surprise there, but either way, I'm not sure what replacing January or Douglas with Butler would accomplish. Perhaps worth a shot even if just to shake things up, though. Or maybe Butler can play OG. I think probably not.. but we start an extra Canadian, so we could play an extra import OL if we must..

we should beat sask this sunday beat T.O in those 2 meeting and good shot against CGY with back-ups playing that week so thats 4-5 right there plus we already have beaten teams like edm and ham so to think thats impossible is stupid so we win those that 6-3 and 3 losses mean we lose all against MTL and to be honest they have just looked average in the last couple weeks.

And now having poblah back that opens the door for butler to play only reason was cause he got hurt is why the rotating went on so more quality protection on oline can only mean more wins right?

also i think we gotta swap out denmark for TJH, buck needs a mid/short range target besides his wideouts poblah and watson too far of throws, edwards and denmark and carr are all deep big play receivers.

denmark isnt going anywhere.. he's a starter. TJH isnt as good this year because he wants an nfl shot. what made him good last year was his speed.. yeah he showed some against toronto but.. fact is.. dude's bigger and slower and very prone to fumbles.. all denmark does is catch every ball thrown to him and doesnt fumble and hey.. dude can return kicks and punts if need be too.. way more valuable then the bloated dreaming of nfl TJ harris.. drop the weight.. or the NFL wont look at you.

Oline is a problem but putting Butler in wont fix it.. 3 americans on the line? no thanks... thats too much.. but a possible solution would be to... well, give greaves a chance instead of morley who TRULY IS the weak link.. Khan too but generally its Morley getting beat the worst.. Khan atleast shows some fight.. i would have cut morley a long time ago.. after he faked being injured against was it hamilton in week 1? yeah.. Put greaves in. it couldnt be worse and might be better. kid looked ok last year in there.. why not put him in for morley more this year.

If you were tho to put butler in, i think it would look something like this...

January,Labatte,Khan,Douglas,Butler. as i'd imagine it would be easier for douglas to probably move inside. but that wont happen.. because.. it's just... it doesnt really improve the line that much..

Poblah takes hargreaves spot.. both canadians.

Poblah,Watson,Brown,Labatte,Khan,Morley,Logan.. does Kashama actually start? cuz pretty sure mainor rotates in quite alot... u put butler in.. well... morley out... kashama has to start and play all game no? unless we go with the mike kelly always a fb on the field special..which wont happen.

BB was dead on. The Suicide Bombers probably will lose to Hamilton in the semis.

does it piss you losers off when you are so very wrong?

killed hamilton in the division finals and lost in the grey cup

4-14 to grey cup finalists.. yeah they sure sucked :roll:

The Bombers hardly killed the Ticats in the East Final. Hamilton gave the Bombers the run, because they were trying to prevent the big play. That's why Garrett appeared to be unstoppable. And the weather certainly played a big role in Hamilton struggling on offence.

......look...i'm so fed-up with cat lovers coming on here crying about their losses...HEY you LOST...doesn't matter if the cats lost by 1 point or a hundred....BOTH TEAMS PLAYED IN THE SAME excuse...Hamilton Ti-Cats were NOT good enough to beat the Bombers all year so why would it have been any different in the playoffs... The author of this post was totally out to lunch about the Bombers, along with a lot of other so called media-types and soothsayers around the league...The people predicting the Bombers for the basement in 2011 are no where to be found now because they look like idiots...Hiding under their rock i would imagine :lol: ...Anyway i can't wait till we here what their thoughts for our season next year will be....Should be good :lol: