Got my vuvuzelas for the Opener

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ can see it now how distracted will the opposing offense be with all the BUZZZZZZZZZing.

Please don't you'll have people jumping out of the stadium if you bring that damn thing

fans have been bringing their vuvuzelas to cfl games for years.
they just don't blow them constantly for the whole game.
or call them vuvuzelas.

Why wouldn't it be great for the visiting team to have to deal with them too when on the road. It's part of the game! :slight_smile:

Right they are nothing new, and I can even remember the noise from watching my first World Cup in 1982 on TV aired from Spain.

Apparently I am just in the very small minority not annoyed because I have heard these things and similar noisemakers when watching soccer aired on TV from any one of Latin American countries, Italy, Spain, et cetera much of my life. The bigger the match the more the noise as evidenced whenever South Africa or other African nations play now.

It's just you don't hear them or similar noisemakers hardly in most countries of Northern Europe and in North America except perhaps some in Mexico during their soccer games, so I understand why most folks are annoyed.

Many NFL stadiums ban any such noisemakers -- that's why it's still too often the No Fun League. :thdn: It's all about THEM all too often. :thdn:

One of the MLB teams handed them out on Saturday and the crowd went nuts with them to annoy the visiting team. :lol: For as boring as baseball is that is awesome!

You're kidding, right?

Prohibited Items?
-Alcoholic beverages
?Animals other than service animals
?Any items that can be used as a projectile
?Beach balls
?Flag poles over four feet in length

?Illegal drugs
?Laser lights
?Umbrellas other than personal size travel umbrellas
?Electronic and other noise makers
?Outside food & beverage

I can think of ways they could be used as a projectile or weapon but it's Sunday so I have to restrain myself.

Haven't used my horn in years but when I'm in shape I've been known to get a few recognizable notes out of it. Playlist included a line or two from:

Sabre Dance
Rock and Roll part 2
The Toreador Song from Carmen
O Canada

and a few others

Look what happened in Miami last night - the Marlins gave away fifteen thousands horns and are now regretting it. They blew the game.

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I can't speak for anyone else but when I go see a game I leave the harassing for the team I cheer for to do on their own. A big hit or tackle will intimidate the other team a lot more than some silly noise.

I will never understand the inner need some people have to do this. Almost as if your purpose in life is just to be an obnoxious jackass that everyone hates. You ruin the fun for everyone in your section just so you can act like a knuckle dragging ape.

I have to agree with Zen. The constant horn blowing at the world cup says more about the mentality of soccer fans than any other sport. If it is called the beautiful game, why not sit back and appreciate the beauty. Personally,I think soccer is a simple game for simple minds. :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old FOOTBALL FAN in section 7)


It's amazing that people travel half way across the world, spend big money on flights, tickets, hotels, meals, etc, go to what is billed as the greatest sporting event in the world, and yet still have to find childish means of entertainment during the game. Shouldn't the game be entertaining enough?

You are a typical Canadian - you don't really understand other sports so you feel you have to "attack" other peoples interests and beliefs. I commented on another thread that Canadians are just not a sports country, and its true. If you don't understand sports then you just make silly stupid comments about other sports.

I hear the same dumb comments from CFL about the NFL or baseball or any other sport they don't understand. Very very ignorant. Guys like you will get excited when a football player runs 10 yards but a soccer player that takes a ball in the air, traps it and run 80 yards at full speed ,.....that's boring because he didn't actually score??

I can't say that I watch soccer unless the World Cup is on, I watch the World Cup games and understand why there is so much interest. The game is back and forth and it is a fantastic sport. Because I don't follow league soccer doesn't mean that I can't enjoy it every four years. I do respect other peoples interest and love of their games.
I was in Australia and I have no idea about aussie rules, rugby or cricket but they love their sports. It would be easy for me an ignorant Canadina to tell them what I think of cricket or aussie rules but I don't really understand the game and I would never put them down for liking it...............its respect!


There is a big difference between being excited or supportive and being an obnoxious jerk. You can’t take attention away from the game for people. They did not come to hear a fan blow a horn or scream at players all game.

It makes the person look like a jerk to most others around them and you have no right to make yourself so intrusive. Keep yourself to yourself.


football is just more exciting than baseball and soccer tho.

soccer and baseball go at a stupid slow pace, the fans need something to keep them, theres always something going on.

Whether a sport is exciting or not has a lot to do with personal preference, it is very subjective, and I highly suspect that what sports one was raised with has a major impact on what one considers exciting. That said, soccer is a slow paced, low scoring, boring endeavor that, like baseball, must be enjoyed with profuse quantities of "grown-up drinks" for it to actually be considered enjoyable. :thup:

It's so boring that the number of "grown up drinks" needed goes to riot causing levels.

Umbrellas can't be allowed because they prevent other fans from enjoying the game but blowing vuvuzelas in their ears is AOK.

Bobbo.... LOL

Amen to that HFXTC. I hate those things.

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ cant wait to the home opener we can really be a factor here!!!

One of those things where a little goes a long way. A honk on a score or an occasional rally call but the constant noise for noise sake drives me batty too... and I kind of like the things.