Got my tickets for Saturday!!

I heard that this Saturday was probebly going to be the first blacked out game so make sure you get your tickets, we have got to be a better crowd than our home opener, we now have something to cheer about!


SOB, will it be blacked out in the whole country or just in the Hammerton area.

I'm assuming just the Hamilton Area. Why would they punish the fans in Sask?

8) The blackout would apply to just the Hamilton and the designated radius around us !!!! :roll:

Will the radius be all the way to Barrie

Possibly I once tried to watch a game in barrie and it was blacked out and i did'nt get it.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: JEEEEEEEZ

What's the radius? i will be in Buffalo visiting some family but I'm contemplating skipping that and going to the game, I will definetely skip if it's blacked out.

no need to frown Weedman, just come to the game, it's not that far and obviously the more fans the better.

Will the casual fans even know the game is blacked out? Is that going to be the main promotional item for this weeks game - "Get your tickets. LOCAL BLACKOUT IN EFFECT".

It'll be hard to tell if they get more fans, if it is because of the black out or the win last game. I think maybe they should wait until we really see what this team is like and attendance settles in at a certain level.

I don't live in Hamilton, I live in Mississauga, I try to get out to as many games as I can and I would love to go this week but I'm not sure if it's blacked out or not in Buffalo.

I would love to go to the game ISY much better than TV but my buddies and I cant get away. You can rest assure we will be getting down there for many games. :thup: :smiley:

oops slow that wagon down for everbody trying to jump back on

A lot of wingdings think there the only fans who didnt jump off the wagon. :x

35 miles/56 km

I Could watch the Game in 401 and Morning side in toronto. or The Falls

Got my ticks as well. Bringing my 8 year old Nephew and the Wife :slight_smile: