Got Melons???

Not in BC apparently. According totodays newspaper, any Rider fan who wore a watermelon on their head to last weeks game at Empire Stadium was not allowed into the game. Looks like big BC brother is watching. Very sad that staff stopped a goofy tradition that has been going on across the league for years! Really, what is the harm?? I guess me and my 3 young sons won't ever attend or spend any money at a BC game. My 3 year old, yep he is now a security concern in BC, LOL, joke.
My 6 yr and 9yr old, they can use their melons as deadly weapons, of mass destruction. BC grow a sense of humor for crap sake.

I'd say next game BC plays in Regina that we confiscate any BC costume stuff.... Except you never see any BC fans. I hope friends and family I have in BC also spend their money else where. Oh well life goes on... No fun allowed in BC though..... :roll:

PS: Perhaps I now know why Flag posted that “Sask-fans Really??” thread earlier. Flag were you working security at the game :lol: yep, those fans went to the game to have a fun time, Opps!

Link or it didn't happen! :smiley:

Actually, this one is written much better :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

if rider fans are not taking their melon head, their whole melon heads home with them, then they deserve to not be let in with them. Dont throw them, and dont leave them lying around like garbage.

WHAT!!! I have never seen a melon thrown, either on TV or at a game. And trust me some very drunk people are wearing these things game after game.

As for garbage, your kinding right? Every stadium in the league is cleaned up after a game because of all the garbage laying around. Garbage bags and water hoses. That line by the staff is bull. I find the green men so offensive (not really, I like them) they shouldn't be allowed at Canuck games. Lol

Thanks, it's a pain to cut/paste on the iPad. And don't you ever, EVER, take your cat to a BC game dressed up like that! :roll: who knows what they'd do to a cat in BC?

PS: my best friend lives in Vacouver, so I'm sure I'll be at a rider game at some point again BUT I'm taking a damn Melon.

someone should make a very descreet costume out of only melons, then when forced to get rid of the melons........ :wink:

OHHHH, your right, this one is halarious! Especially the comments afterwards. I split a gut laughing. Rusty the roster in a smelly bag... Jerome.... Classic stuff. I wish Osama Bin Farmer and others posted here as well. His 10 yr old son had to give up his melon and they sure do look like dangerous folk!

A man (or woman) has gotto eat to survive. Melons are food.... :lol:

Actually, funny, but one of the bloggers in the article mentions a rather nice Vancouver girl wearing her Rider pride., 3rd picture in the gallery. And I do believe I see a CFL logo. Looks likeBC is coming around, your all invited to join the green machine... Especially Jessica. :stuck_out_tongue: (and FYB, but you have to wear a melon :roll: )! Chief could join but he switches teams to much.... 8)

One Of These Days; I'd gladly wear a Melon at Mosiac in Regina at a game against Hamilton. :rockin:

October 29th's your first shot. Ti-Cats travel to Riderville then.

I'll be at B.C. Place on that day with my son to watch Eskies vs Lion's. Have to wait for the second shot; next season now. :slight_smile:

haha. I met this girl at Grey Cup in 07. She was part of the UMM girl pageant and she represented the Riders (even though she was living in Winnipeg at the time). Very nice girl, I gave her a set of my green beads and a friend and I got a nice picture with her (they were UMM pictures that you were supposed to pay for, but she got around that) I have it on my office wall. If I was ambitious I'd scan it.

Elvis in drag???

I'm pretty sure Elvis was a Riders fan, :wink: