Got me some Eskimos merch!

So, last Christmas I asked my brother to get me an Edmonton Eskimos hat. After searching the entire city of London, he could only find one, and unfortunately it was an adjustable one. I hate adjustable hats, so he didn't bother getting it.

When my birthday came up last month and people started asking me for gift ideas, I wasn't sure what I wanted. Then it dawned on me, my sister lives in Alberta!!! I figured if anyone could find an Edmonton hat, it'd be her.

Well, with some help from Red (he gave me a couple stores for my sister to check), my sister was able to find a hat. It just arrived in the mail today. It's a pretty nice looking hat. Instead of describing it, I went to Jersey City's website and found it.

[url=] ... 26/1000462[/url]

Wear it with Pride my friend. nice looking lid , I’m sure you won’t get lost in a snowbank this winter.

I thought the same thing; it's really bright. :lol: But I like it. I wish I could fine more CFL gear in Ontario, instead of asking my sister to buy the stuff for me.

A fan should always look the part.

I bought the 'coaches tuque' last winter myself; it looks like the one DM wears. Just in case, you know, something happens to him and I have to come down from section D and take over on the sideline! :smiley:

lmao well friend if you ever had to come down from sectiond D you couldnt do any worse than him lmao

I couldn't find the coaches toque, though I did find the Jester toque... unless that's what you were referring to. That'd be pretty funny. :lol: I put it on my Christmas list. Hopefully it'll be under the tree.

If you are lQQking for some Eski stuff, have you considered a 20th Century idea of shopping online. The Eski site has a store and would support the team directly.

So a couple months ago my sister got me the Eskimos retro shirt for my birthday. I couldn't find the actual shirt online, but it looks like this t-shirt, only with long sleeves.

[url=] ... 27/1000462[/url]

And for Christmas, my brother and his fiancee got me an Eskimos tuque. I believe it's reversable. It's green on one side, and yellow on the other. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture.

Next I'd like to get an Eskimos jacket, but those are pretty pricey. They're around $90 or more. Plus I already have a winter coat, so it's kind of hard to justify. :lol:

My most prized possessions are three game worn Eskimo Jerseys I purchased at the end of the 81 season. The are Warren Moon's #1 in a Glass Picture frame along with a signed CFL promo card, Dan Kepley's #42 also in Glass with a CFL Card, Lastly Tommy Scott's # 22. My Mother was shocked at 17 I spent almost 350 on Jersey's and wanted Fennel's and Parkers. I am not sure what they are worth now although I would never sell them.

I wish the CF would start up Trading Cards again it might help appeal to younger fans.

If the CFL wanted to they could offer trading cards as The NHL and Mcdonald's has. I believe this would help us to connect with younger fans.

My most prized gift this Christmas was my Sham-Wow underwhare lets me drink large amounts of beer at the games and not miss a play. After the game just wring them out and your good to go. :lol: :lol: :lol:

They do have trading cards. There are a few companies that make them but you can find them in card shops. Here's a great online store for them:

I was more thinking that the CFL and Wendy's partner as the NHL and McDonalds have offer them for 1.99 with each kids meal to attract younger fans.

Danlaurin wow I am sure those jerseys and cards are worth far more now especially Warren Moon's. :o

I was more thinking that the CFL and Wendy's partner
Stop right there I am in! Wendy's rocks! The only places down here south of the border that are better are regionally located as follows, but worldwide one can't miss with Wendy's! :thup:

In 'n' Out Burger: CA, Las Vegas
Kua'aina Burger: Hawai'i
Steak 'n' Shake: Indianapolis

With Wendy's allready being a major sponsor it should be a No Brainer.

One idea I always liked is special edition cups or glasses. Trading cards are cool for the kids, but what about the older crowd? :smiley:

LOL Chief the older crowd should already be CFL fans.