Got Coaches?

New Ticat head coach Charlie Taaffe has started well in selecting two good, experienced assistant coaches in Gregg Butler and Dave Easley. However, there has not been much news on the coaching front since then.

Here is a list of the total number of coaches on the staff of each CFL team, including the head coach, as of today:

Alouettes 9
Eskimos 8
Roughriders 7
Lions 6
Blue Bombers 5
Stampeders 5
Argonauts 4
Tiger-Cats 3

While it is understandable that it takes time to hire quality coaches, every day without a full coaching staff is one less day to prepare systems and game plans for the 2007 season. It would be great to see the Ticat coaching staff filled out by the start of the CFL free agency period on Feb 16/07.

I thought we had 4 not 3? - Taaffe, Easley, Butler and Working.

The Winnipeg Free Press and the Hamilton Spectator reported a few weeks ago that Mike Working is expected to be the new Ticats' offensive coordinator. However, the Ticats have not officially announced the signing of Working and he is not listed on the website as one of the coaches.

Is Greg Butler going to be D-coord?

Gregg Butler will coach the Ticat defensive secondary.

A couple of weeks ago, a report in The Hamilton Spectator quoted Marcel Desjardins as saying there is a "50-50" chance that Rod Rust will be the new defensive coordinator. No further news has emerged since then.

k ... thanks TCTD

Don't worry you TCTD. Big week comin' up, . . . .

Thanks, rattlebonejones. You have been on the money with your most of your posts so far, so I'll take your word for it and look forward to some good news about the Ticat coaching staff this week.