gostampsgo sucks!

i ussually vist every cfl team forum every couple of day. and in the last week i've gone to gostampsgo at least 6 times. 3 TIMES MY FIREWALL HAS CAUGHT A VIRUS!!! and each time that happens my computer basically freezes for 10 minutes since internet explorer won't close and it runs to slow to run anyother programs. this never happens at all. maybe when i'm downloading something, but never with ANY sites i visit. the first time i just assumed it was some hidden pop-up which caused the virus, so i didn't balme the website. the second time i was angry, but i assumed it was a coincidence. but the third time it became obvious that it wasn't a coincidence, since it only happend when i visited gostamsgo. i suggest you don't visit that site unless you have a firewall or untell the site mods find the problem.

Actually yogi I clicked it once and it was once too many. My guess is the site was hacked into by an Eskimo fan :lol:

Internet 101.
Firewalls do not stop viruses! They stop hackers from getting into your computer and stealing information or files.
Ant-viruses stop viruses but do nothing against hackers!

My anti-virus caught it, but not after a few anxious moments, lol. Just goes to showthat you need to be careful of any links posted here.

sorry then, my antivirus caught it, it doesn't make a diffrence

A virus at the gostampsgo site? I'm not suprised.

Winnipeg will win the Cup or they will finish last!
Doesnt make a difference! :wink:

.......gee, redwhite2005 and I don't have any problem accessing this website....wonder why fans from rival nations do?.........hmmmmm, interesting.....

Must be gostampsgo's firewall! :lol:


You are right R&W it is one way to keep the garbage off the site.

Actually the moderators over there say they have been running a few problems since changing providers and format. It is in the process of being fixed. But what a greeat idea to keep guys like yogi from the site. Yogi is a virus!

why is it when I go to the stamps website, and then go to the store section, it always says "coming soon"?

it's been saying that for over a year now! maybe "coming someday" would be more appropeate.

just thought I'd bring that up.

no demand.

joking, geez...

like there is any demand for our 3rd jersey!

yeah, the stamps thrid's really suck, so do the EE's ones.

Seriously though, Im sure the virus was unleashed by some homophobe who was thretened by that picture of Scott Coe on the first page.

i don't even post threre. i've haven't seen anything even worth reading while going there. it's just a bunch of redwhite2005 clones, tons of posts, all of it gasious garbage

Great there are a lot good fans there!

through weed tinted glasses

RW05, there are good fans on all the team sites, but you have idiots like Yogi on the sites as well. We coud have some good discussion and debates if he made even ONE intelligent reply, but i havent, or do i expect a decentreply from him!

Wow Sambo42 how many times is this that we agree! Yogi is well different for sure. I guess it is all those drugs he is taking is effecting his mind. He seems confused most times.