Are we happy to have him back? I can't remember him doing anything wrong last season. It have been a while but I mostly remember him coming up with some big picks.

I think you should be very happy to have him back. I think he's one of the most underrated DBs in the league. You can't remember him doing anything wrong; many people can't remember him all.....he doesn't get mentioned very often during a game.....because the other teams shy away from throwing against him, trying to pick on other DBs in your secondary. I think Goss is your best.

If not the best in the league...at least the best on the Ticats.

He is a real gentleman and a pleasure to talk to!

i hope we don't lose him to the NFL next year!

Yea, Goss is an all-star, he's #1 in our secondary, and #1 most underrated in the league.

I'm thrilled to have him back. If his interception totals fell off as the season went on it was because QB's were to scared to throw to his side. I can't wait for the season to start.

we are definatly happy to have him back! he is young and is only going to get better! :slight_smile:

Goss is a star. I dont know why people dont talk about this guy more he is probly the best db in the league

Goss has really looked great at camp. He’s been all over it. Had a couple INT’s broke up some big plays.

Goss is pimpin, staright pimpin lol. i jus got his jersey couple weeks ago! he should be able to make some big plays this year! he lead our team in INT's last year n i can feel it again..

hopefully after this season we can sign him long term though.. he only got a contract extension of one year.. hopefully he doesnt check out in the NFL!

hopefully we dont loose him like we lost Bob Sanders to the NFL's Indianapolis Colts, who now is one of there best defensive players@!

We TiCat fans tend to get "down" on ourselves, and Goss is in fact the budding Captain of the D-Backfield, if we can retain him.

He loses a lot of lustre because the "D" was so horribly overstretched in exposure time in the past, and got beaten up badly as a result...

Look at this new Offensive team, and imagine the "ball-control" that Coach Paopao can create with "monster" signing players like Maas, Holmes, Radek and this new line team...the "D" members' time on the field will be greatly reduced, and it will be much tougher to "star", but the IC's and killer hits will certainly make a lot more "highlight reels" across the nation...and Goss will certainly be "featured"...we might want to offer a contract extension, before the NFL wakes up to this man...

I think you mean Nick Harper, but I can see how you got them confused. Their names are so similar.

yes yes yes, nick harper! thats the one lol

Jason Goss is my desktop wallpaper.

Check it out: http://www.ticats.ca/themes/hamilton2/g ... 4-goss.jpg

Easily, he's our best DB and I'm excited to watch him anchor the defensive backfield this year. I love the way he plays.


Is nothing short of a great guy and player.

Most of you are familiar with Jason's prowess on the field but he's a great Ticat off the field too.

When we were making Ticat cancer fighting bracelets last year Jason joined in and made a couple bracelets and really got to know the fans.

I welcome him back with open arms and if we are making more bracelets this year open fingers too. Stringing those beads are tough...lol



:cowboy: pimpin.. haha we love u jason!!..goss... n mass(cant leave him out)