Goss Transferred to Suspended List

or maybe missed practice and was thusly suspended?

see.. more speculation. this is why press releases rock.

Don'r hold your breath waiting for this front office to issue a press release. After all, we're just mere fans...

Should here about it in Ron's weekly depth chart press conference.

That could be the most exciting event of the week ... but he's having FUN


With Goss and Cody, you guys are really really strong at DHB; now just the corners and safety settled and you'll be okay back there. I'd take Goss on my team any day...............

cody was playin corner lately if i do recall.

Sam Young has been pretty decent since coming over from BC. bradley, kornegay and justin do okay over on the other side.

safety is the problem

cody moved from corner to halfback when they cut martin and he's been there ever since.

My understanding (from a friend who attends practice every day) is that Goss wanted to go home for a few days to tend to some family matters, and was placed on the suspended list so he could do so.

That makes sense Dusty…

Family is important,whats good for one is good for all.

Yes but I dont hear of this happening on other teams . This is a must win game and would make the second time a star player wont be playing in an important game !!!!!!

8) That is exactly what has happened !!!

are you saying a "game" is more important than family?
get your priorities in order!

yes, reported on CHML this morning

To me a game is more important than Family.

But, having said that I agree with a "pop back home " to settle things down especially the player himself,then coming back a day before the game and playing.

The game is more important ,but this leads to a morale problem on teams,since what is good for one is good for all.

The reason this was discouraged and even not allowed on teams is it becomes a holiday and the club house attmosphere that follows when players take turns skipping on what is most important ,the game!

Pop home at your expense and return ready to play in time for the game in emergency situations .

Our season is over IMO so what the heck.

The bad situation on the team has spun out of control. My educated guess is that today there is less chaos in a black hole.

Enter for a chance to win!

Who next will have family matters on their mind and in time to miss the Labour Day "game"?

(fill in the blanks)

Listen catfan, athletes know what they are signing up for when they decide to become pro players . He will be letting down 11 other players on defence by him not being thier Saturday night . It makes our defence that much weaker and we all know we dont need that and Sask. are chomping at the bit to go after his replacement . I can see going home for a few days but I cant understand why he cant be at IWS Saturday night ??? And dotn worry catfan , I have my priorities straight , I dont need you telling me I should .

and Catfan , you just remember who isnt in the lineup when MAT Dominguez goes crazy on Saturday night !!!!!!!

This site has gotten to be too much.

Who knows what the family emergency is?

People need to be with loved ones in bad times.

This site has become nothing but bi tch- in and moaning about everything related to the team.

It gets frustrating that all this is happenning this season . We played without a star on offence last home game and now a star on defence this home game . Ive read and seen many an athlete play a sport under duress . It`s part of the game and part of his job IMO .