Goss Transferred to Suspended List

The transactions page on the cfl.ca website notes that the Ticats have transferred Jason Goss to the suspended list today. Does anybody have any further information on this?

hmmm very interesting... must have just been added as it wasnt there earlier.

Injured maybe? thats weird.

What next? This is a 3-ring circus.

the cats are a mess! i really hope it was just to free up a spot

I believe that Goss is the one who threw the football down the field when he thought that a flag that had been thrown in the last game was against the cats, when in fact, it was against the riders. That is likely the cause for the suspension.

He was not there today
They Sent Him home..
I was told

if they suspended him for somthing stupid like that im guanna be pissed.

Listen, I'm a BIG fan of Jason Goss.. but that was a really dumb penalty to take and maybe suspending him is sending a message to the whole team that they have to play smarter and more disciplined.

Thats nice to know that hes suspended..yet HE doesnt even know hes suspended?? lol!

On a team filled with losers we suspend one of the best most competitive athletes we have. An absolute joke....I don't care what Bob says, this team is not committed or trying to win. Now they're playing stupid mind games with one of the very few keepers we have. Get us a GM!

Being transferred to the suspended list does not mean that the team took diciplinary action against him. It could mean many different things... lets wait till the story comes out.... if it even is a story.

Well let's hope this is a non-story! Jason Goss is one of best DB's

Very true, Crash.

Yes but I think we deserve an explanation . He is after all our best cover man .

him or tay cody, give or take.

Goss gets the nod for the higher INT rate. IMO anyway

Maybe there's nothing to explain

we deserve what?
do you think you own the place?
This is YOUR team?

Give your head a shake.

I'm surprised they let any info out.
We deserve...ha!!

Fair enough.. I'd just point out that I suggested a possible explanation.. I certainly didn't claim to know what happened. What I do know is that I went to check cfl.ca, and it does in fact list Goss as being suspended... so I speculated on a possible reason. shrugs

ya i think as a collective we do deserve some sort of explanation when arguably our best defensive player may not be on the field this week.

I doubt it was a penalty that got him suspended. If he wasnt at practice like another poster said its possible he left the team for personal reasons.

PS. I was just adding that being suspended could mean a number of things… like Cheron in the pre season.