Goss to Edmonton???

Anyone know who we got? i couldnt find anything on here about but its on tsn...

There is the link:


We shall see. I wonder who the QB will be if this is true?

Oski Wee Wee,

yea i saw that i just wanted to know if anyone knew who was comin in return... im excited haha

The fact that no one from Edmonton was named, has me a teeny bit worried. We gave up a quality player. Granted he didn't want to play in Hamilton.

I hope their airport has direct flights to Arizona.

If anything, I hope it is something usefull!

What the heck here it goes how about:

QB - Steven Jyles

"Another Player" - DE Adam Braidwood

And a 5th round pick.

It's nice to dream once in a while.

The Ticats are to get a QB, I wonder if it could be Ricky Ray??

well marcel did say we wouldnt just give him up for nothing since he is a good player.

After Edmonton brought in Stefan LeFors, it was said that one of their quarterbacks (other than Ray) would be on the way out. And I also remember hearing that Steven Jyles was more likely to stay with the team than Jason Johnson. For that reason, It think Johnson, a former teammate of Maas, may be on his way here.

And once again it appears that this team is making a trade that makes sense for the other team, but not the Ticats. I'm not sure Desjardins would want to bring in another quarterback, and another draft pick. And for this reason, I'm quite interested in hearing about who this "one other player" might be.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens. And it could be leading to something else. If another quarterback is coming in, could it possibly mean that Maas might be on the way out?

so hopefully he kept his word on this one. and did just that and received a good player in return.

Richard Alston WR
The rights to Timothy Chang QB
Draft pick not specified

(Edmonton Sun)

Ricky ray....i realy hope you were joking

If this is true i hope Mrs. G. likes snow and cold temperatures.

it is true..and he will like a full stadium..and a winning organization

Thanks. Here is a link to the Edmonton Sun article.

Also going to the Ticats is non-import running back Nicolas Bisaillon. And the draft pick is a second-round selection which originally belonged to Toronto but came to Edmonton in the Glen Carson deal.

I suppose it is official now. Let the discussion begin.

Timmy Chang rocks

furthermore, no more gossfan on ticats.ca

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