Goss and Hill

Does anyone know what took so long for Hill to come back up here? Also what problem does Goss have back home? Thanks.

Goss is home for "Personal" reasons, so I would guess it is personal. How would like your personal affairs spread across your company's website for everyone to read about and discuss.

I support Jason. But if he's gone long term, it's not unreasobale to have further clarification....

You want further clarification... okay, he's dealing with personal matters. There. That's all that is needed.

I don't mean to sound harsh... but if you're away from your job for an extended period of time, as a result of personal issues, would you expect everyone in your company to receive further clarification?

Respect the man.

We're the customers, its none of our business whats going on with him.

Whats with this site lately? People calling out Bob saying he "Needs to address the fanbase" and now people not respecting personal lives.

Well then they better bring in someone who can cover someone , cause i`m not sitting thru another shellacking . It was bloody awful seeing Dominguez SO OPEN and waltzing into the end zone . i paid for that ?????


Hoping Jason can come back soon.....he's always been an exciting player and can lay some good licks out there.

Hey, sometimes personal stuff take first priority in our lives.

He's a good Tiger-Cat at heart and seems to care a lot about this team and city.

:thup: 8)

The customers shouldnt have to suffer thru games with players who arent good enough to be on the field !!!!!

How would you know he cares about the city or the team ??


"How would you know he cares about the city or the team ??"

I should warn you that every response I make to a direct question to me now carries with it a $25 surcharge....time is money! :lol:

(hey, if our physicians can charge us for everything they do at their computers.....well...) :wink: :cowboy:

(just jokin' Habman)

damn you guys jumped all over the poor guy, he wasn't being rude he just is anxious to know where Goss is like the rest of us. Hostile enviroment down here at Ticats.ca

Hold on guys I was only asking because i do care, I can understand if he has gone home for personal reasons. Like a sick wife,child,parent or thatever the case might be. I hope that things work out for him.

We still need a better replacement if he isnt gonna be here , last weeks just dont cut it .

not guanna lie to you our db's arent that bad. how long were they out there for last week????? and the play you were talking about wide open in the endzone the the db i think parker fell thats guanna happen

I dont believe Goss will return..

Until further word let's just consider...


just wondering but who are you? are you just a fan or do you auctailly know goss?

Let's just say... She knows Goss better than you and I.

she probly does cuz i dont know him at all but she was sayin she dossnt think heal be back so i was wondering if she knew him or was just guessing

I think you can assume Ron's sayin yes without actually saying yes